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MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: New Releases – August 23rd

Highlights from Friday August 23, 2019 Release Day   1) Eve  by Rapsody  Rapsody is a hip-hop and lyricist from North Carolina. Eve is her third studio album and she arguably made it her most poignant. Each track represents a woman of importance or a track that addresses an important strength …

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BOOK REVIEW: Love, Heather by Laurie Petrou

Title: Love, HeatherAuthor: Laurie PetrouPublication: October 8, 2019Publisher: Crooked Lane BooksGenre: Teens, YA Fiction SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads) What you see isn’t always what you get. Stevie never meant for things to go this far. When she and Dee–defiant, bold, indestructible Dee–started all this, there was a purpose to their acts …

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MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: New Releases – August 16th

Every Sunday, I will walk you through some of the recently released music. Give you a heads up on the best new albums and the best new artists, so that you don’t have to wonder why music has lost its quality. The music world is a jungle and I am …

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BOOK REVIEW: Oceans Away by Skye McNeil

Title: Oceans AwayAuthor: Skye McNeilPublication: July 13, 2019Publisher: Hot Tree PublishingGenre: RomancePages: 360 SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads) Adopted as an infant, Ireland Leighton grew up in the heart of the Midwest. After inheriting millions from her biological parents, she is determined to help others any way she can. The only string …

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BOOK REVIEW: Start Here by Trish Doller

Title: Start HereAuthor: Trish DollerPublication: August 13, 2019Publisher: Simon PulseGenre: Teen, YA FictionPages: 352 SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads) Willa and Taylor were supposed to spend the summer after high school sailing from Ohio to Key West with their best friend, Finley. But Finley died before graduation, leaving them with a twenty-five-foot …

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BOOK REVIEW: Ever Alice by H.J. Ramsay

Title: Ever AliceAuthor: H.J. RamsayPublication: August 1, 2019Publisher: Amazon Digital ServicesGenre: Teens, YA Fiction, Folklore, Fiary TalesPages: 351 SYNOPSIS: (From Goodreads) Alice’s stories of Wonderland did more than raise a few eyebrows—it landed her in an asylum. Now at 15 years of age, she’s willing to do anything to leave, …

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