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The Wonderful World of Disney Meets Game of Thrones!

Brilliant artist Sam Tsui decided to combine the Wonderful World of Disney with the terrifyingly AWESOME Game of Thrones… And what came out was a perfect and beautiful marriage of your childhood and your present nerdy-ness… Check out a few for yourself, they are amazing!     Snow White as Shae …

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Battlefield vs. Call of Duty

As a first person shooter fan, I have always been one to play Battlefield. I thought the graphics were incredible and the missions were interesting and complicated… drawing me in. Turns out that I was missing.

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Mortal Combat X Announced

Anyone who has played a gaming system before has likely come across Mortal Kombat in their time. Well, it’s that time again. Netherrealm Studios, the developer, has officially announced the new Mortal Kombat X game that we’ve heard bits and pieces about.

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‘What If” Releases a New Trailer

Daniel Radcliffe has a new movie coming out in which he isn’t a wizard and there isn’t a scary ghost chasing after him (full disclosure, I never saw Woman in Black… Scary movies terrify me! But I’m guessing some creepy ghost chick harasses Harry Potter.)! ‘What If’ staring Daniel Radcliffe, …

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15 Reasons YOU Need to LOVE Veronica Mars…

Let’s talk Veronica Mars… I’m serious! Veronica Mars was a television show that aired between 2004-2007 on the CW Network and somehow, though I am a avid CW fan, I missed this show when it original aired. Enter Netflix Canada… I have to say that I wish there was more …

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