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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: FOX’s Gotham Star David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne)

Who doesn’t love Bruce Wayne? Well if you’ve ever wondered a bit more at the life of a child sized Bruce Wayne and where all your favorite Batman characters came from…. FOX has the answers! FOX’s new hit show Gotham is out and the viewers are eating it up. Starring as the one and only Bruce Wayne is rising star David Mazouz. For being young, he sure has a lot of responsibility on his hands and is handling it like a seasoned veteran in entertainment. See what he has to say about the new show, what we can expect, and working with star studded cast and crew!

David Mazouz

KRISTIN: You have an impressive resume at such a young age. What made you want to be an actor?

DAVID: When I was 6 years old, my sister and friends and I were approached at the mall by someone trying to sign kids up for acting classes. Of course we were all dying to go. My Mom didn’t want us to go but we begged her and she figured we would be bored waiting to audition but we loved it. She decided that if we were serious about taking classes that she would find a good teacher. She took us to a class every Sunday for 3 hours and we loved it. We went every Sunday no matter what for a few years. That teacher is still my acting coach and I would still go every week if I could. I never really decided to become an actor. My commercial agent saw me at a showcase and asked if I wanted to go out on auditions and that’s how it started. It was never my intention or my Mom’s. We were just having fun.

KRISTIN: You are currently playing an iconic role, the childhood version of Bruce Wayne, prior to becoming Batman. What has it been like auditioning and getting into this role?

DAVID: Actually auditioning for this role was fun but pretty intense. The audition sides I was given weren’t from the actual script although I did know what part I was audiitoning for. It was a boy telling a story about an old memory and I had to audition with the Exec. Producer and Casting director initially and then after the holidays I went into Warner Bros. three days in one week to audition against 2 other actors and then finally just a screen test where they cut my hair and had me dress in Bruce Wayne type of clothes. They cut all my curls off and straightened my short hair! I liked it and it only helped me get into the role. Otherwise I did a lot of research about Batman and the Batman universe so I could figure out who I will become and then get to create the why myself on the show which has never been done.

KRISTIN: The first episode gave us a glimpse at many names we are familiar with in this story. What can we expect from this season of Gotham?

DAVID: You can expect more development of the charactors you’ve already been introduced to such as Riddler, Alfred, Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Penguin, Fish Mooney, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and also Don Falcone as well as Harvey Dent I hear! It’s very exciting. This comic series seems to have a never ending cast of characters but you’ll really get to see each one of them develop and you will see more of how each one of these characters end up becoming who they become. We all know who they are in the comics but this story is really about how they got there and why and since it’s new, it’s always a surprise but somehow will tie into the end of the story which actually continues to be written today!

KRISTIN: As the season progresses, what will we get to see from Bruce and how he adapts to life without his parents?

DAVID: You will see Bruce develop and you will see him go through a grieving process and some post traumatic stress as well. You will see what can happen to a boy who’s raised with the values he’s raised within a City of corruption, who’s angry and hurt and scared and mad at himself for his inability to help the people he loved and his guilt. All of those things will become obvious and you’ll see why he would even become the adult we know to be a hero

KRISTIN: The cast working on Gotham is impressive. What has it been like working with these casts and the directing team and crew?

DAVID: The cast is awesome as is the Exec. producer and creator, Bruno Heller and the directors, especially Danny Cannon who’s also a Producer. This is a big cast and we don’t all have scenes together but we have done press together and traveled together and gone bowling and stuff together so I’ve gotten to know them personally and they are an exceptionally warm group and fun …. alot of fun! Bruno Heller is awesome because he really cares about how we as actors feel about portraying our characters and wants us to feel comfortable with what’s written so he’s open to our opinions and changing things we aren’t comfortable with if we feel something doesn’t make sense to us. So in that way, it feels more like a film!

KRISTIN: Why do you think the viewers will continue to watch this show?

DAVID: I think the viewers will watch because it’s beautiful and action packed and interesting and it’s never been done so it’s really cool to see what will happen next and for us too since we don’t know what’ll happen next either. I think it’s like watching a movie and there’s nothing else on TV like it so I’m going to keep watching and I hope everyone is watching it with me!

I’m not sure about all of you, but I’m basically glued to my television screen every Monday at 8 pm EST! David Mazouz is the perfect image of a little Bruce Wayne and I cannot wait to see all the talent Mazouz has packed into this iconic character. Make sure to tune in each week for new episodes and we look forward to seeing more from Mazouz in the future.

You can follow David Mazouz on Twitter as well @realdavidmazouz.

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