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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mom Life Yo Podcast Host Breegan Jane Talks the Show, Life, and Inspiration

Podcasts are all the rage right now and Breegan Jane has hit podcast gold! With her show Mom Life Yo she does with cohost T Lopez give us some straight, real, and pretty hilarious talk on … what else? Mom life! From pregnancy to teenagers and everything in between, Breegan Jane and T Lopez hold nothing back. As we know, all good podcasts have brains behind the operation. We got to talk with Breegan Jane herself about the inspiration behind each episode, the audience, and what they have planned coming up next!


KRISTIN: You have a great thing going for you with Mom Life Yo. Tell us how you got started doing the podcast.

BREEGAN: T and I were good friends who, from the time that we met, wanted to talk about all the real things regarding pregnancy that nobody was talking about. We confided in each other about all the questions and concerns we had as new mothers, and we knew we couldn’t be the only ones without answers. Out of many organic conversations came the idea to create a space for moms to connect and openly discuss mom-related issues. We wanted to be to other moms what we needed as new moms but couldn’t find. We felt radio was the best way to reach out to busy moms who are always on the go. From that, Mom Life Yo was born.

KRISTIN: Obviously you use your own personal experiences as a mom to come up with content, but you also have a co-host, famous singer, T Lopez. How did she become involved with this?

BREEGAN: T has been involved since the show’s inception. Her husband, Hapa, was a fellow DJ and friend of mine. T and I were both pregnant for the first time at the same time, so she became one of my first mom friends. We quickly learned that we were kindred spirits while having candid conversations about motherhood and wondering why no one ever openly talked about the things we were living through as moms. Our mutual, heartfelt desire to bring to light the good, bad, amazing and not-so-amazing aspects of motherhood led us to collaborate with this venture.

KRISTIN: Do you think being a single mom gives you a different perspective on parenting than a family comprised of two adults?

BREEGAN: My motherhood journey hasn’t always been traveled as a single mom. It’s still a new experience. But I think that the experiences, both as a single and married mom, give me a unique perspective on raising kids. That said, I definitely believe parenting is something that comes with many unique perspectives. Whether a parent is a single mom or dad, working in or outside of the home, or a part of a two-income household, no one way of parenting is the right way. No one way works for everyone. So, being a single mom has given me a different perspective on some things regarding motherhood, but it hasn’t changed much, if anything, about being a parent.


KRISTIN: What do you think it is that draws people to your radio program?

BREEGAN: I believe it’s the honesty and realization that we’re willing to dive into topics that are sometimes considered taboo. We can discuss not particularly liking the act of breastfeeding. We can admit that we struggle with some parts of motherhood. We’re not ashamed to say that we are still trying to figure some things out, and we can talk about those things because we know other REAL moms experience the same feelings. Inclusion is the goal of our show, even if we don’t always agree with each other. We can bond over that and still be real in supporting each other. That, I think, makes us one of the best, most earnest and positive shows available to moms.

KRISTIN: You also have an app that goes along with your radio program. Tell us how that works alongside your show.

BREEGAN: The Mom Life Yo app simply allows mom to listen on the go and tune in whenever is most convenient for them. As parents ourselves, T and I realize that moms are ridiculously busy. If they’re not running around with their kids, they’re most likely involved with errands, activities or responsibilities for their kids. The app is designed to let moms listen in while they’re doing multitasking “mom things.” It makes us that much more accessible for them.

KRISTIN: Can you give us any sneak peeks at what might be coming up as topics on the show?

BREEGAN: One of the things we are currently exploring is a series on birth order. I’ve noticed similar behaviors between first-born kids and second-born kids in various relationships: my kids, my friends’ and co-host’s kids, my siblings,and so on. We’re looking to bring in some experts to discuss how to parent specifically for each child, and what needs each may have based on their birth order. I’m certain that will be interesting, and I’m really excited about it.

KRISTIN: Have you ever thought of stepping outside the radio and doing live shows or speaking engagements?

BREEGAN: Yes, definitely. Being an entrepreneur as well, I always consider ways in which I can grow the brand. I’ve done some television shows recently across the U.S., and I think doing the live radio show definitely prepared me for live TV. The feedback from the shows has been extremely positive, and I would love the opportunity to grow this brand in that direction and include more speaking engagements . Mom Life Yo was born out of a desire to create opportunities to connect mothers around the world, and I am open to exploring various avenues to further that mission.

KRISTIN: Where can fans keep up with all of what you have going on online? Social Media? Website?

BREEGAN: They can find us at our website momlifeyo.com, the Mom Life Yo app, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@MomLifeYo).

If you are a parent or even if you aren’t, make sure to tune in and catch up on episodes of Mom Life Yo. These ladies are funny, smart, and experienced in all things mom life! You can check them out on their website, listed above, or if you are tech savvy, download the Mom Life You app! Also follow them on all their above listed social media sites to stay up to date with what they are up to.

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