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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Online Personality Heather Hahn

She’s made her name known online and on social media, as well as through her website chiffon souffle where she gives advice and talks about the fashion and lifestyle world of east and west coast. Heather Hahn is slowly building her brand with some great articles and tips on her fashion/lifestyle blog. I spoke with Hahn about what she is doing and looks like she is keeping busy.


Heather Hahn

KRISTIN: You’ve made quite the name for yourself online. What is your ultimate goal?

HH: Thank you! 🙂 My ultimate goal is to, aside from expand my own brand, I want others to be assured that they can live out their own dream and really be capable of just about anything.

KRISTIN: You run chiffonsouffle.com. Tell us what your site is all about?

HH: My blog is all about your everyday lifestyle needs. From fashion to food to travel, and the latest trends. It pretty much has daily posts on how to elevate your daily life.

KRISTIN: Where do you draw your content from and decide what to write about?

HH: Content comes from whatever inspires me that day or perhaps a certain emotion that I am going through.

KRISTIN: Aside from the site, what other aspects of entertainment and/or writing do you do?

HH: I really want to write a book based off of my blog, i’d love to also try acting. I occasionally write for other blogs.

KRISTIN: Why do you think people connect with you so well?

HH: I feel as though my blog speaks on a level of being truly realistic. The more ‘realistic’ my blog is, the more people can relate, and the more people will read it.

KRISTIN: Aside from your main site, where can we keep up with you online?

HH: You can keep up with me by following me on Twitter or Instagram @HeatherHahnn

There you have it. Make sure to check out heather on Twitter and Instagram (links above) and check out her website http://www.chiffonsouffle.com.

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