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INTERVIEW: Star On the Rise Molly Roth

I try to remain neutral when listening to music and sharing it with others, but Molly Roth is addicting. Not only is she absolutely stunning to look at, but she has an incredibly personality and talent overflowing from every pore. With an impressive list of jobs and schools involving the entertainment business, Roth decided to take a leap and try to take a go at the music industry as a performer!

Her debut single “Pin Me Up” is out and making the rounds… and it is SO catchy. The perfect end of summer anthem and will definitely get stuck in your head. We got the opportunity to sit down and talk with Roth about her new single, upcoming EP, and more.

KRISTIN: You have quite the story. Why don’t we stick with how you first knew music was what you wanted to do?

MOLLY: Well, I was dead set on being a doctor until I turned 8. I started singing and playing piano and I haven’t looked back since! (Sorry Mom!)
KRISTIN: You have studied music in all different aspects and in many different places. Do you think your education in music is helping you in pursuing a performing career?

MOLLY: I definitely learned a lot through my musical education but I like to think of it as a toolbox I can use when I am stuck or needing help in finding a direction to go in. I think my piano training has enhanced my technical abilities as well and I apply those to my live performances, of course. I’d say it’s about 80/20. 80% ear, heart, and soul, and 20% brainwork.
KRISTIN: Reading your story, you studied at schools like UC Berkley, musical institutes across the globe, and worked with Universal Music Group for a time. You even got offered jobs in the music business on the business side of things but turned them down. Do you ever regret that decision?

MOLLY: I do not regret that decision. You only live once and I would have regretted not pursuing my #1 passion in life. There are definitely some fun perks working in the industry and the people I met are so cool…but I have never felt more capable and driven in my entire life and I truly believe that I can do it.
KRISTIN: Do you think there will come a time when you switch to managing or something of that nature? Or maybe doing it at the same time as performing?

MOLLY: Actually, I had accepted a position as assistant to manager of metal band Avenged Sevenfold along as other rock and EDM-based acts. It was really insightful and I was honored to assist one of the biggest managers in the industry. I guess you never say never, but I don’t foresee me managing in the near future or as long as I am doing music myself.
KRISTIN: You have a new single out called “Pin Me Up”. Tell us about this song?

MOLLY: I wanted to write a fun, summer-jam that depicted the life of America’s favorite pin up girl. I was inspired lyrically by elements of my own personality; the dramatic, the model, the sweetheart, and the party girl. Musically, I drew inspiration from female vocalists of the 20’s and 50’s era of music and my producer, Daniel Ford (DrFord), helped me modernize the song adding a fun beat and having bassist Joseph Gonzales (Aloe Blacc) play on the track as well!
KRISTIN: How have the listeners been reacting to it?

MOLLY: So far it’s been positive! I think if you like artists like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, and Fergie, you will enjoy “Pin Me Up”!
KRISTIN: It’s very catchy. Does this song reflect the new EP that will be coming out later this year?

MOLLY: Yes and no. The EP is going to cover all aspects of me as an artist. There will be an upbeat dance song and definitely a club banger on the EP but I also am first and foremost a pianist, vocalist, and songwriter…so a piano ballad or two is in order. 
KRISTIN: What are your plans as the EP is prepping for release and the new single?

MOLLY: I am starting to look into playing local shows in Los Angeles as well as spread the word so I can hopefully build a good following and maybe interest the labels into helping me fund my next project.
So if you absolutely love the sound of all this, take a listen to “Pin Me Up” below and then swing over to iTunes to pick up your copy! Also make sure to follow Molly Roth online at her website or on twitter.

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