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Phone Dead? Charge It Anywhere with My Charge

As an avid phone user, I have found that my phone dies when I’m out and about at functions or events. Especially one where I have to use my phone for a lot of different things. I was recently sent a My Charge to test out, and I have to say… it works.

My Charge

To test out the My Charge, I went to the county fair with my daughter. Needless to say I was snapping pictures and video the whole time. Having not charged my phone all day it quickly reached 20%. I pulled out the My Charge and stuck it along with my phone in my purse. After about 30 minutes I checked again and I was up to 45%. It may not be the fastest charge, but it definitely works and I was able to still use it while it was charging.

The case it comes in reminds me a bit of a 5-hour energy shot container. It’s compact, easy to handle, and holds everything nicely. There is no jamming it in.


The device also has a USB port and a phone port. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Overall I would definitely recommend this device to a friend. It is sturdy, compact, quick, and easy to use.

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