Hometown Bookstore OTM

Each month we feature a “hometown” bookstore OTM (of the month) from a small town or community around the world. We will provide information about the store, how you can shop from them, and more.

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November’s Hometown Bookstore

STORE: Lowry’s Books and More

LOCATION: Three Rivers, MI (a second location is in Sturgis, MI)

ABOUT THE STORE: (From LowrysBooks.com)

Now Michigan’s second-largest used and rare bookstore, Lowry’s Books is your locally-owned full-service bookstore and toystore. We have over 200,000 used and rare books (NOW THE LARGEST IN WEST MICHIGAN). And the SECOND LARGEST in Michigan. Because we fervently believe in the printed book we also stock about 15,000 new volumes. We will get any book that is in print for you, usually within 1-3 days, and we’ll conduct a search for those hard-to-find and out-of-print books. We have a great selection of greeting cards and the second largest magazine selection in western St. Joseph County (our Sturgis location has the largest).

HOW WE HEARD ABOUT IT: A few of us here at #NerdProblems grew up in the small southwest Michigan town of Three Rivers. A town of just under 8,000 with lots country, a bunch of school spirit, and one really big bookstore in the center of town, this was a fantastic place for them to grow up. A love of books started early for them inside the very walls of Lowry’s Books and More.


CALL: They can help you find any used or new book just by calling 269-273-7323.

NEW BOOKS – Shop Online!

USED BOOKS – Shop through AbeBooks


22 N. Main St.

Three Rivers, MI 49093