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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Actress Catherine Taber Talks Upcoming Projects

Sometimes it seems that voice actors don’t get as much recognition as our everyday actors and actresses do, but they should get equal, if not greater applause. Voice acting is not easy and actors like Catherine Taber bring some of our favorite characters to life in the most magical ways. Catherine Taber is a well known voice over actress is video games and movies. We got to talk to her about a few of her upcoming projects and we are so excited we cannot see straight! Check out what she had to say.


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KRISTIN: You have a great career as a voice actress. What made you get into this line of work?

CATHERINE: I actually kind of fell into voice acting. I moved to Los Angeles to get into acting, and at some point, an agent recommended to my manager at the time that we look into voice acting as well since I was good at accents and such. My second audition was for Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic. Once I booked the role of Mission, things kind of took off!

KRISTIN: You have had a lot of projects and well known roles. You have a brand new role as Penelo in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age. Tell us about that.

CATHERINE: The Zodiac Age is a remaster and rerelease of one of my first games, so the role is not technically new! Although, Penelo is one of my all time favorites. I even named my dog after her!

KRISTIN: On top of that, you are also voicing the female lead character on the new season of Minecraft Story Mode. Can you tell us about your character?

CATHERINE: Jesse is the best! She’s loyal, courageous, a bit of a nerd and a real wise cracker. She is so fun to play and our writers give me such great material. Its also kind of cool to be the female counterpart to the hilarious Patton Oswalt. I was very excited to come back for a second season!

KRISTIN: When working on these different projects, do you typically work on more than one at a time or is it like traditional acting where it’s one project at a time?

CATHERINE: The more projects I am working on at one time the better! It just makes my agent’s job of figuring out the schedule more difficult, and I try not to do two vocally stressful jobs at the same time, but otherwise, the more the merrier.

KRISTIN: How do you get into character? I would think it would be harder to do voice acting than traditional acting because you are just in a sound booth and not having to act out the scene, which may help get you in character.

CATHERINE: Since I come from an on camera background, it is really quite the similar for me. Knowing my character, my script, my place in the story etc. And, truthfully, I have been known to dress for my character even for voice. For instance, I *may* have worn white and had my hair in Leia buns when I was working on The Force Unleashed games…maybe.

KRISTIN: Why did you choose voice acting over traditional acting, or do you do both?

CATHERINE: I didn’t actually and I feel blessed to get to do both. I am just happy to play interesting characters in well written projects with good
stories, whether I am behind the mic or in front of the camera.

KRISTIN: What other projects do you have coming up that we haven’t spoke of?

CATHERINE: I have a thriller, Haven’s End, coming out later this year. Star Wars: Forces of Destiny has just premiered, The Loud House is going
strong, and there are a few other really fun things I wish I could talk about, but am not allowed to say… just yet!

KRISTIN: You’ve done a little bit of everything; tv, video games and movies. Do you have a favorite?

CATHERINE: I can’t choose! I love them all! How’s that for a Nerd Problem? But really, I have been so lucky to play really cool characters in iconic franchises. I just hope to keep working in projects that have heart and make people happy.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with you online? Do you have a social media page of some sort?

CATHERINE: Yes! Twitter and Instagram are both @cattaber and Facebook is @thegirlnextgalaxy. Hope you guys will check them out!

Make sure you check out Catherine Taber at all of her above talked about projects and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (all shown above) to keep up with all that she has going on.

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