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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Alexa Nisenson Talks Warner Bros. Upcoming Comedy Fist Fight

Warner Bros. is well known for releasing some of the greatest films of all time. Now they are releasing a new comedy on February 17th… Fist Fight. We got the opportunity to talk with young, up and coming actress Alexa Nisenson about her role in the film and why viewers are going to love it. She has lots to say and even more coming up! Check out what she says here.


KRISTIN: Let’s start out easy. You are fairly young for the entertainment business, but seem to be making a name for yourself. What made you want to be an actress?

ALEXA: I love this question! So, my parents will tell you that from the time I could walk and talk I was always putting on shows and finding ways to perform. I guess it’s something that’s in my blood and its now definitely something that I could never live without. I think I have always known that performing and entertaining people is something I loved and I think I am really lucky to be able to do it. I remember begging my parents after a couple of years doing dance competitions to put me in acting classes because when I would dance, I was way more into acting the song than doing the dance moves!

KRISTIN: You are going to be playing Ally Campbell in Warner Bros. new comedy Fist Fight. Tell us about this film and how your character falls into it?

ALEXA: I’m so excited for Fist Fight to come out! Fist Fight is a comedy about two teachers in High School who have a disagreement and one challenges the other to a Fist Fight after school on the last day. One of the teachers is played by the amazing Charlie Day who plays my dad! My character Ally plays a pretty interesting and cool part in the movie. She herself is experiencing getting bullied at school and doesn’t know how to deal with it so Ally and her dad kind of both find themselves in a situation where they have to channel their inner super hero to get through their conflicts. Without knowing it, I think they help each other find courage.

KRISTIN: What do you think it is about this film that people will love?

ALEXA: Well for starters, it’s hilarious!! I mean it’s like legit laugh out loud funny! The cast is amazing. Obviously, Charlie Day and Ice Cube are amazing and you have people like Jillian Bell, Tracy Morgan, Dean Norris, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Christina Hendricks and so many more! Our director Richie Keen I think makes this movie so much of what it is. It’s always great to have an amazing cast, but when you have a director like Richie who is so loving, nurturing, hard-working and passionate, you will get an amazing finished product. Richie made me feel like I could do anything and anything I was able to accomplish in this movie is because of his direction and support and love! I kind of want to spend the rest of my life making movies with Richie Keen! LOL!!!

KRISTIN: The cast on this film is great! What was it like working with them?

ALEXA: Oh wow, I don’t really even know how to put it into words so you can understand how amazing it was. Young actors are always taking acting classes, right? Well, all I can say is working with someone like Charlie for a couple of months on a movie is equal to like five years of acting classes! I not only laughed all the time on set, I learned more than I ever could have wished for!! Mostly all of my scene work is with Charlie in this movie and he is someone who I grew to really love and I’d consider him one of my biggest role models. JoAnna Swisher also was amazing. She was so loving and so wonderful to work with. Tracy Morgan is now one of my all-time favorite people. He’s really incredibly special! I didn’t get a chance to work with Ice Cube because we don’t really have scenes together but I wish I had more of a chance to watch him work!

KRISTIN: When and where is Fist Fight going to be available?

ALEXA: Fist Fight is out in theaters nationwide on February 17, 2017

KRISTIN: How do you go about getting into a role and getting yourself inside the character before getting in front of the camera?

ALEXA: It’s a process and I am so lucky that I have had such amazing acting coaches who have taught me how to go about doing this! I always read the script a few times before starting a project. One of my acting coaches in Atlanta once taught me – acting is real emotion in an imaginary setting and that has stuck with me! I always try find the similarities between the emotions of the character to ones I have felt in real life and that makes it easy to channel my characters!!

KRISTIN: Do you have any other projects coming up that we should be watching out for?

ALEXA: I just recently got to do something super cool!! I got to voice a character in a Sony Interactive Entertainment video game! I really love the world of Voice Over work so this was an amazing experience for me! I can’t talk too much right now about the exact game and details but once I can, I will let you know!! Hoping to start work on another project soon! I’m excited to see what the future has in store! Have just recently had some super exciting meetings so hopefully I will have more to tell you soon!!

KRISTIN: I hear you are a competitive dancer. Tell us about that side of your life.

ALEXA: Well, unfortunately I don’t have much time for competitive dancing anymore! I really now focus on my acting because it’s my first love but I will always love to dance and had such a blast when I was competing! I try to get to dance classes as often as I can here in LA just to keep up with it and see friends and learn and I love that. I am really into hip hop right now!!

KRISTIN: Do you hope to incorporate your love of dance in with your love of acting on maybe a movie that involves the two at some point?

ALEXA: I got to do a little of both in Fist Fight which was super fun! You will see what I mean when you watch the movie! I loved being able to showcase that side of me along with my acting. I think it would be amazing to be able to do that again!

KRISTIN: What else do you like doing in your free time?

ALEXA: I really love hanging out with my friends and spending time with my family! I love shopping and I am really into fashion and make-up so any day I get to experiment with hair and make-up and fashion is a great day! Because life can get so busy sometimes, I honestly love days when I can stay in my pj’s all day and watch movies and be lazy! I am also really into baking. My mom and I will bake a lot together and we love to make cupcakes and decorate sugar cookies!

KRISTIN: Where can your fans keep up with you online? Twitter/Instagram?

ALEXA: For both Insta and Twitter my handle is the same @alexanisenson

KRISTIN: Thank you for taking time to talk with us. Much looking forward to Fist Fight being released!

Thank you so much! I had so much fun! Hope you love Fist Fight as much as we all loved making it!

Make sure you go and check out Fist Fight in theaters on February 17th. You can also follow Alexa Nisenson on her above listed Instagram and Twitter accounts. Let us know what you think of the film when you see it!

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