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Photo Courtesy of Andrew Bowen

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Andrew Bowen Talks ‘PO’ Film

Andrew Bowen is definitely not just waiting around to be noticed. He has taken his career and put everything into it. With multiple projects coming out right after the other, we couldn’t wait to talk with him about everything he had going on! First up is his upcoming film ‘PO’ alongside Kaitlin Doubleday and Christopher Gorham! We talked with him about his films, upcoming projects, and what else he manages to jam into his extremely busy schedule!


Photo Courtesy of Andrew Bowen
Photo Courtesy of Andrew Bowen

KRISTIN: You have an incredibly busy year coming up. Can you tell us first what made you want to be an actor?

ANDREW: It’s kinda crazy, right? When you do a lot of independent films you never know which ones will actually see the light of day. So to have three making it out into the world feels like winning the lottery. I was six when I decided I wanted to be an actor. My parents took me to see GREASE. I walked out and said I wanted to be like John Travolta when I grew up! My parents said OK, my Mom put me in dance class and the rest is history.

KRISTIN: You are playing jack in the upcoming film PO alongside Kaitlin Doubleday and Chirstopher Gorham. This film has a very powerful message. Can you tell us about it?

ANDREW: PO is an eight year labor of love that my friend and talented director, John Asher took to make a movie about the real challenges parents face raising children with Autism. It’s a subject matter John and I know a lot about as we are both raising sons who have Autism. I had actually helped John get his son Evan diagnosed years ago.

The script for PO was amazing. I had to put down three times because I couldn’t stop crying. It was beautifully written (by Colin Goldman) imaginative, honest and so authentic to the real challenges we parents face raising kids with ASD. More than that PO presents this original and wonderfully magical glimpse of Autism “through the eyes” of its main character Po (played in the film by the remarkable Julian Feder) that has never been done before. The movie is beautiful, unique, powerful and sheds even more light on Autism, a disorder a lot of people still don’t understand… which is crazy considering it’s the fastest-growing developmental disorder in human history (one that affects more kids today than AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined).
It’s a really good film and one I hope lots of people get a chance to see.

KRISTIN: This film is premiering at several film festivals. What has the reaction been like from those who have seen the film so far?

ANDREW: Well, it received a standing ovation at PANAMA IFF (it’s South American World Premier), WON “BEST FEATURE” at it’s North American Premier (PALM BEACH IFF) and Julian Feder, who is remarkable in the film as PO, just won the “Rising Star Award” at WorldFest Houston so…. It’s off to a hell of a start.

KRISTIN: What made this role stand out when you were first offered it?

ANDREW: After reading the script, I sent John a very emotional message expressing how moved I was by it and that I wanted to play Po’s father. John told me the role was already cast (played beautifully in the film by Christopher Gorham). I told him it didn’t matter and I would work for free as a PA on the film if he asked me to. Fortunately John had another idea in mind and few weeks later, sent me a revised script that contained a “new” role he’d written specifically for me named Jack. I can’t talk about it just yet (when you see the film you’ll understand why) but the character plays a very important role in Po’s journey in the film. I’m not sure if Jack is what John always had in mind for me – but I will forever be grateful to him for it. It was one of the most imaginative and creatively fulfilling characters and experiences I’ve ever had the honor to do in my entire career.

KRISTIN: You are also playing Reggie in the horror anthology film “Holidays” which made its world premiere April 14th at the Tribecca Film Festival. Who is Reggie and how does he fall into the story?

ANDREW: The short version: Reggie is this repulsive, evil, yet comically likable character with a very twisted view of relationships and what having a “girlfriend” means. He is the other half of Adam Egypt Mortimer’s fantastic contribution to the anthology titled “New Years Eve” (written by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer). It’s this creepy, explosive and darkly comedic tale of how Reggie ends on a date with a girl named Jean (my co-star played amazingly by Lorenza Izzo) and the chaos the ensues. It’s basically a tale of what happens when two individuals with “not so good intentions” meet. It’s a wonderfully twisted romp and an absolute blast to shoot.

KRISTIN: How is it working on a horror film when you have to act scared or scary (depending on your role) when there are people milling around and cameras coming at you from every angle. Is it harder than we probably imagine?

ANDREW: I don’t know. It’s just part of the job. I think it all comes down to how much you commit to your role. I mean, if your lucky enough to have great actors to work with, a good director, have done your homework and believe who you are portraying – you’re not living in your world anyway… you’re living in the one you’ve created for your character. I’ve always looked at my crew as family. We’re all working together to create something we hope is great. So for me, I find it easier to work knowing you have a great crew. It’s like knowing you have someone there to watch your back… and you theirs.

KRISTIN: It seems we live in a world where it is harder to scare or shock people. Why is Holidays going to stand out among Horror films?

ANDREW: Well the film features 8 completely original “holiday” themed horror segments – each directed by some of the most talented guys out there: Adam Egypt Mortimer, Scott Steward, Gary Shore, Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer, Sarah Adina Smith, Nicholas McCarthy, Anthony Scott Burns and Kevin Smith. Talk about a bad-ass group of directors. I think it’s gonna stand out because each of the segments is its own thing. They are all original, different and really well done. There’s something in Holidays for every horror fan to enjoy.

KRISTIN: Next up we have a film you finished recently with Jennifer Garner called “Tribes of Palos Verdes”. When can we see this?

ANDREW: Probably 2017. It’s also a independent film and they usually take a little longer to reach audiences than traditional studio fare.

KRISTIN: I have not heard much about this project. Can you tell us about it?

ANDREW: It’s a big ensemble drama about a mentally unstable mother (Jennifer), her two teenage kids and there struggling to find meaning and a their place in the world.

KRISTIN: And lastly you are going to be in All For Nikki opposite Gia Mantegna later this year playing Marcus Steadman. This one sounds more like an action flick with lots of suspense. What kind of trouble does Marcus get into in this film?

ANDREW: A lot. Marcus is a paramedic that answers a late night call with his partner at a big Rock Star’s house in the Hollywood hills. He ends up meeting a drugged up, very dysfunctional couple (played by Gia and Grant Harvey), who are having an affair and ends up being coxed by his partner into making a very bad decision. One that leads all of them into madcap night from hell. It’s a dark comedy that harkens back to True Romance. It was a really fun shoot and I can’t wait to see the finished film.

KRISTIN: That’s a lot going on. I’m scared to ask, but do you have any other projects on your plate that we should be on the lookout for?

ANDREW: Yes… Well, I have some things on the burner but I’d rather hold off on talking about them just yet. Murphy’s Law is far to powerful a beast for me to mess with 😉

KRISTIN: Do you keep up with your fans online anywhere? Social media?

ANDREW: I love keeping up with fans. I’m on twitter @AndrewSBowen, Instagram @AndrewSBowen, AndrewBowen on Vine, got a Facebook Fan Page and, if your brave enough, mr.andrewbowen Snapchat.

KRISTIN: What are you doing when you aren’t acting (if there is such a time)!

ANDREW: Whisky. LOL… Spending time with my wife and raising my three kids takes up everything else. But, I feel very grateful for it all. It’s exhausting but it’s one hell of a ride!

KRISTIN: Thank you for your time! Looking forward to all these fantastic sounding movies!

ANDREW: Thanks for spending your time with me Kristin. This was a lot of fun!

Make sure to check out all these projects as soon as they are available and stay up to date with Bowen on all his above listed social media site!

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