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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Evan Daigle Discusses Season One of “Claws” On TNT

An amazing new show on TNT this summer had lots of people talking. Claws, a story with tons of drama, comedy, and fiesta women with amazing customers, as they work their way through life. You can check it out and see it now on TNT, but first make sure to check out our interview with Evan Daigle, who plays Toby. Here is what he had to say about season one!


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KRISTIN: Before we get into your specific projects, how did you get into acting? Was it something you always wanted to do?

EVAN: I’ve always wanted a career as a professional artist. I thought for a long time I would be a visual artist; I’ve experimented with many different art mediums. Acting was always something I was interested in, however I didn’t start taking classes until I was 20. After I began taking classes I knew that acting was the right path for me. I think the most surprising thing to me is that I’ve made acting the most active way I express myself artistically. The nature of this career is full of surprises, it’s why I love it so much.

KRISTIN: You play Toby in the new TNT’s new dreamed “Claws”. Tell us first what this is about and how your character fits into the show.

EVAN: ‘Claws’ is about a diverse group of women who launder drug money for a gangster out of a nail salon. I can’t give away just yet how my character fits into the plot. A lot more of Toby’s involvement will be explained in episode seven!

KRISTIN: The first episode aired on Sunday, June 11th. What has the reaction been from those who have watched?

EVAN: We’ve gotten great response so far! We even got a shout out from Stephen King!

KRISTIN: How many episodes is the season?

EVAN: There are 10 episodes in the season!

KRISTIN: The cast and crew are incredible for this show. What was it like working with them?

EVAN: It’s been a really great learning experience so far. I’ve absolutely loved it! Working with such experienced and talented actors is a true blessing. The greatest thing about working with such stellar actors is that they make you better. Niecy and I have some really fun one-on-one scenes in season one. She’s incredibly talented and has been in the business doing great work for years. I’ve learned so much getting to act along side powerhouse actors like Carrie Preston, Jenn Lyon, Dale Dickey and Dean Norris. It’s been a real dream come true. They’ve all given me so much advice about acting and life, I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a welcoming and mentoring cast.

KRISTIN: With the show out now, what other projects are you working on or should we be on the lookout for?

EVAN: I’m really focused on building my team right now to hopefully start auditioning in Los Angeles. Hopefully ‘Claws’ will be picked up for a second season!

KRISTIN: Where can fans keep up with you online? Social Media?

EVAN: I’m on Instagram @evandaigle and on Twitter @evandaigle1.

You can catch up on the aired Claws episodes on TNT now and tune in for new episodes on Sundays. Also stay tuned to Evan Daigle’s Instagram and Twitter feeds to keep up with his upcoming projects.

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