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Photo Credit: Sean Samuels

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “God’s Not Dead 2” Star Trisha LaFache

Trisha LaFache has a large number of projects under her belt, a beautiful look, and some mega-talent. “God’s Not Dead” was a huge hit and now the upcoming release of “God’s Not Dead 2” is on the horizon. LaFache sat down with us to talk about how the second film is going to be bigger and better, working with the cast a second time around, and her next films coming up. If you were a fan of the first film, make sure to read all about what she has to say about the new one coming up… and if you haven’t, checked it out and then get in line for part 2!


Photo Credit: Sean Samuels
Photo Credit: Sean Samuels

KRISTIN: Can you tell us how you got into acting? At what point did you decide this was what you wanted to make your career?

TRISHA: Jury is still out on that one. Just kidding. I have been acting, but mostly dancing when I was a kid. Mostly ballet. When I got injured, I got back into acting but after college I decided to go to law school to please my parents. Luckily it was in NYC and I still had the acting bug and I met a couple people who had agents and thought “I can get an agent too!!!” So I did.

KRISTIN: You play Amy Ryan in God’s Not Dead 2. Before we talk about that one, can you tell us about what this series is about in general for those who may not know?

TRISHA: Both movies are a little bit like watching a Christian version of the film “Crash” – in that there are seemingly separate stories that are loosely or more tightly woven together. In that sense the movies are both about people coming together for something they believe in.

KRISTIN: How does your character fall into the story this time around. What kind of things will we see her get into?

TRISHA: My character gets involved with what is going on with Melissa Joan Hart’s character both professionally and personally because she thinks Grace, MJH’s character, is getting the run around. Amy is not the type to fall back from a fight. She’s tough.

KRISTIN: The cast of this film are fantastic. Melissa Joan Hart and Jesse Metcalf along with many more. What has it been like working with such an incredibly talented cast and crew?

TRISHA: Melissa is from the East Coast and so am I. We hit it off immediately. She has a sister named Trisha who is sarcastic like me and there was just a kind of “yup, I get you” thing. She’s awesome. A total pro. I really enjoyed watching Ray Wise work. I’d been a fan of his work for years and he’s just SO good. We had a moment when our characters were all leaving the courtroom and I turned around to kind of usher Hayley Orrantia out because my character has a protective relationship to hers, we were not even on camera and I caught Ray Wise who TOTALLY acted with me in the scene as his character would, as if it was his close up and I did the same. I thought “Yes, Ray Wise just acted with me, yaaaaaass!” It was a totally “me” thing to do that many actors would think is dumb because the camera will never see it!

KRISTIN: These films bring controversy and debate out. Why do you think they inspire such high emotions?

TRISHA: Well, I wish it brought out debate. I wish there was more discourse in this country in general. From my experience with the first one people either loved it or trashed it. There was no real debate or discussion, more of just a line in the sand. Really makes me sad. Of course it was amazing to hear from people that the story or my character’s journey touched or influenced them.

KRISTIN: Why are people going to want to check this movie out when there are a ton of other movies to choose from as well?

TRISHA: This movie has three strong female leads: Melissa Joan Hart, Hayley Orrantia and myself. These women, whether you agree with them or not are standing up for what they believe in, and standing together, whether it’s popular or not. You don’t get to see that much from women on screen, especially in a drama.

KRISTIN: When can we check out “Gods Not Dead 2”?

TRISHA: April 1, 2016

KRISTIN: Do you have other projects that we can be on the lookout for?

TRISHA: Yes, I just wrapped a film we shot here in LA, and I directed my first film and am shooting a film in Seattle this summer. Lots of fun stuff coming up! Traveling through Europe for a month with my niece and a bunch of friends so I’m really looking forward to that.

April 1st is the big day. Make sure you check out “God’s Not Dead 2”. You can see what other projects LaFache has been in by checking her out on IMDB. Also follow her on Twitter @trishalafache.

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