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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Long Shot Louie Actor Steve Stanulis Talks

From Chippendales to police to entertainment, Steve Stanulis has done it all. With a few projects on the horizon, we expect to be seeing more from him in the near future. We got the chance to talk to him about his two most recent movie projects and other projects he has coming up. Check out everything he has to say.


KRISTIN: Let’s start out with you telling us how you got into the entertainment industry.

STEVE: Its pretty unique when I was still with the NYPD I started working security with some A-List actors. One day I was at a party and hit it off with a producer in conversation he asked me if I ever played football. I told him yes in high-school and the next week I was in Baltimore on set of “The Replacements” with Keanu Reaves and I was hooked!

KRISTIN: You are the star in the Amazon Prime film Long Shot Louie. Tell us what that is about and how you fit into it.

STEVE: I had a amazing time playing Louie Lazzaro. Long shot Louie is loosely based on my time as a male dancer and one particular guy I worked with he was the main guy over at Chippendales. But as time went on as much as he earned is as much as he spent on drugs and kind of got trapped in this world and like everyone else Farther time catches up and he actually got old and became a mockery. I would say Long shot Louie” is “Boogie Nights meets The Wrestler” – best way to describe the film.

KRISTIN: What made you want to tell that story?

STEVE: Well at the time I was pushing the script it was pre-Magic Mike and there had never really been any films made on this topic. I thought it was pretty interesting for the public to see what goes on in this crazy world. I had trouble getting bites most of the response was “Who wants to see a movie about male strippers”. A year latter Channing comes out with Magic Mike and everyone ran back to me you still have that script… shoutout to Channing Tatum for that one.

KRISTIN: You also have another film, The Fifth Borough, coming on Netflix. What is this one about?

STEVE: The Fifth Borough is a thirteen episode series with a tremendous cast. It is “The Departed meets Sopranos” on Staten Island. The cast includes Vincent Pastore “Big Pussy” Cathy Moriarity “Raging Bull” Richard Grieco “21 Jump street, Marc John Jeffries “Power and so many other incredible actors. I am truly blessed to be part of this amazing upcoming project!

KRISTIN: What do you think it is about these films that will draw people in?

STEVE: I truly believe since “The Sopranos” ended there hasn’t been a show comparable in that vain. When you have a authentic cast with great writing a lot of America is fascinated with that world.

KRISTIN: What do you have coming up next? Working on another project?

STEVE: I actually have a busy couple of months. I have two features coming out in September and October through Sony. One is called “The Networker” which is a romantic comedy and a documentary I directed on Freestyle music. We are in pre-production on a new horror film called “Clinton Road” based on a real road in New Jersey and a book called “Sex and Shield” based on my time as a NYPD and Chippendales dancer. My plate is pretty full… Thank God!!!!

KRISTIN: Where can fans keep up with these films and future projects online?

STEVE: Instagram @stevestanulis , FB fan page Steve Stanulis, Twitter @stvstanulis Long Shot Louie is on Amazon Prime and Vimeo as we speak it is actually top selling indie film as we speak – thanks to everyone who has supported 🙂

Check out Long Shot Louie on Amazon Prime and The Fifth Borough on Netflix when it releases. Also make sure to follow Steve Stanulis on his above listed social media sites. Let us know your thoughts on his projects!

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