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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Madam Secretary’s Sam Daly Talks His Character Win Barrington and Upcoming Projects

Madam Secretary is one of CBS’ hit drama! With the likes of Tia Leoni and Tim Daly leading the show, it was bound to be a hit. But another incredible talent joined the ranks not long ago and we are hoping to see more of him. Sam Daly, son of Tim Daly, and talented beyond belief, plays Win Barrington. He is a love interest of Daisy. On top of Madam Secretary, Daly has an upcoming comedy-horror film Office Uprising as well as a farther out film Just Not Right alongside his dad Tim Daly. Lots to talk about and we got the scoop. Check out what Sam Daly had to say about all his projects and more!


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KRISTIN: You have an impressive resume. You have family that acts, so what made you decide to follow in their footsteps?

SAM: Growing up, I thought my parents were crazy for being actors. I used to tease them for making faces for a living. I had no intention of becoming an actor as a kid. My parents let me follow my own path. When I went off to college, I thought I would be an economics major and go into business. That dream ended when I took macroeconomics in my first semester. I also took a class called American Film Genres and got to analyze some of my favorite movies. When I realized I could get through college studying film, I was quick to change my major. It wasn’t until I studied abroad in Prague and attended the Czech film school (FAMU) that I fell in love with acting. I got to write, direct, and act in four short films over my time in Prague. That’s when I knew that acting was it for me.

KRISTIN: You played Win Barrington on CBS’ Madam Secretary. How was that role for you and are we going to see more from Win?

SAM: I love playing Win Barrington. Even his name sounds like someone you might love to hate. I enjoy bringing likability to characters that seem unappealing on paper. I feel like even the biggest douchebags have characteristics that you can’t help but relate to or even root for at times. I hope to see lots more Win Barrington back on Madam Secretary in the near future, now that Daisy (played by the wonderful Patina Miller) is needing help to raise her baby and marijuana becoming more mainstream in the political realm.

KRISTIN: You are also starring in the upcoming comedy-horror film Office Uprising. Tell us about that film and where your character falls in?

SAM: I’m so happy to be a part of this movie. Office Uprising was a blast to make. We shot in Birmingham, Alabama. A place I’d never visited before. Between the laugh-out-loud comedy and the over-the-top action sequences, I think everyone will want to go see this movie. I play Marcus Gantt, the nephew of the head of the company who abuses his powers as the relative of the man in charge. Marcus and Win Barrington have a lot of similarities on the surface. However, Marcus is a bad person. Whereas Win, on the contrary, has some redeeming qualities.

KRISTIN: You get to work alongside Brenton Thwaites, Zachary Levi, and Jany Levy, as well as many more. How did you all work together and how do you try and learn from those you work with to improve your own craft?

SAM: I didn’t actually have scenes with Zach but I know him from playing basketball in LA and likewise, with Jane. I loved working with Brenton, Karan Soni, and Kurt Fuller. I am a huge fan of all three of them. Their comedic timing and improv are second to none and we shared some amazing laughs on-and-off set. I always learn something new on every project I work on, regardless of the size or scale of it. You never know what is going to happen until you get there and the camera starts rolling. In my experience, the key is to just stay focused and observe as much as you can. I really enjoy watching other actors work; whether I’m on-or-off camera or in the video village watching the screen. You never know when you’ll find something that triggers you or when you see something that you may want to use for yourself in the future.

KRISTIN: What will viewers like about Office Uprising? Why should they go check it out?

SAM: If you love comedy, you will laugh. If you love action, you will jump. If you love zombies, you will freak out. If you don’t love any of those three things, then you’re dead to me.

KRISTIN: Do you have any other projects in the works?

SAM: I am shooting a movie with my dad, Tim Daly, this spring called Just Not Right. It is our first time starring in a movie together. We play father and son. The movie is about a dad who gets engaged to his son’s ex-girlfriend and its, well, just not right…

KRISTIN: If you weren’t acting, what do you think you’d be doing?

SAM: Definitely playing for the Lakers.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with your projects online? FB/Twitter/Instagram?

SAM: Twitter: @thesamdaly

You can tune in to Madam Secretary Sunday nights at 10 pm to catch a glimpse of Sam Daly as Win Barrington. Also stay tuned for Office Uprising this June. Also, follow Daly on twitter at his above listed account to keep up with his upcoming movie Just Not Right alongside his dad, actor Tim Daly, and more projects from him.

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