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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Netflix ‘Bright’ Star Nadia Gray

Netflix is known for knocking out some of the best original content on TV. Their new upcoming film Bright is hitting everyone’s TV’s December 22nd. Amongst the many stars is actress Nadia Gray. We got to talk to her about this sci-fi/fantasy filled with action and suspense! Check out what she had to say.


Photo Credit: Julio Dufoo

KRISTIN: You have quick growing resume. How did you get interested in acting?

NADIA: For as long as I can remember! I’ve always been in love with movies and wanted to be a part of that world. Then the first moment I ever stepped on to a set, I knew I was hooked for life!

KRISTIN: You are in the new Netflix action-thriller ‘Bright’ alongside Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. What was it like working on this film with such an incredible cast, yourself included?

NADIA: It was surreal! These are the most talented people working in Hollywood, and that coupled with the fact that they are all wonderful people — it was like an out of body experience getting to be around them.

KRISTIN: What is ‘Bright’ about?

NADIA: Bright is an action thriller set in an alternate universe where elves, fairies and orcs exist. It’s a very modern and unabashed way to view our society present day.

KRISTIN: Tell us about character in ‘Bright’. Who do you play?


Photo Credit: Julia Dufoo

NADIA: I play Larika, who is an elf in this world. She’s a bad girl, who stirs the pot in a big way.

KRISTIN: What do you think viewers will love about this film?

NADIA: Everything!! It’s an original story which I think everyone will instantly appreciate. We’ve got the most masterful cast I’ve ever seen portraying these new, interesting characters that fans will fall in love with. And I mean, the credibility David Ayer brings…the fans will be unbelievably pleased with what he’s done with this film. And don’t let the fantastical elements fool you. It is brutal and gritty and incredibly entertaining.

KRISTIN: When can fans expect to see this film?

NADIA: We’ve got a December 22nd release date on Netflix! It can’t come soon enough!

KRISTIN: You have also modeled in your past. If you weren’t acting, do you think you would be modeling or something else entirely?

NADIA: Oh I would definitely say that I’m a ride or die actor. Sometimes I think I’m a masochist on some level because the rejection is so brutal, but I could never give up on it. Even the small wins feel hugely satisfying.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with all your projects online? Social media?

NADIA: I think my IMDb is the most up to date and googleable thing about me in regards to past and upcoming work. I’m not a big social media person, but lord knows I’m trying! It’s nice to have a project that is about to air or be released that I’m psyched about. I always cognizant about promoting that kind of thing.

You heard it! Check out Bright on Netflix on December 22nd to see Nadia Gray and her incredible cast mates in this film. Also make sure to check out Nadia Gray on her IMDB page to see what she has coming up next.

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