EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Randy Gonzalez Talks Film ‘Peppermint’

We got the opportunity to talk with actor Randy Gonzalez, who you may remember from roles in hit shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead and Netflix’s Bloodline. You can currently catch him in the new blockbuster film Peppermint starring Jennifer Garner. Gonzalez plays hitman Curly in the film and he told us all the goods about being on set, working with this incredible crew, and why viewers are going to love it. 

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KRISTIN: You have quite the impressive resume. How did you get started in acting?

RANDY: Yeah, I’ve been lucky enough to end up on some quality projects. I used to play guitar in a punk band. We would tour all over the world and one day the singer brought up that we should get into acting. He planted this seed in my head and we ended up finding a cheap acting class on Craigslist to see if we would like acting. We both went and ended up really digging it. From then on, we have been pursuing this and moving forward in the industry. It’s really cool we are both working actors now.

KRISTIN: You are in the new film Peppermint alongside Jennifer Garner. It just came out on the 7th. Tell us about your character, Curly.

RANDY: My character is a hitman for the Garcia cartel ran by actor Juan Pablo Raba. I commit a heinous crime against Riley North’s (Jennifer Garners) daughter and husband and this causes her to seek revenge against all of those involved.  

KRISTIN: How did you get into “hitman” mode when prepping for filming?

RANDY: I was covered in tattoos for this role. There was face tattoos, so once those came on and the wardrobe was on, I just looked in the mirror and I instantly felt evil. The makeup and wardrobe departments on this film really did a great job with molding the look for this character.

KRISTIN: The cast in this film is incredible. How was it working with them?

RANDY:  It was great, Jennifer was amazing to work with. She’s a very dedicated actress and commits to doing most of her own stunts. I have an intense fight scene with her and she really committed to making the fight like wild and gritty and performed most of the fight herself. She really is a great action star.

KRISTIN: There are a lot of films that feature a male lead seeking revenge, but not many with a female lead. How do you feel Peppermint takes that position to a whole new level?

RANDY: There should be more action films with female leads. There needs to be more Atomic Blonde’s, Proud Mary’s and Peppermint’s in the film industry. This film takes it to a whole new level because it shows you how far a mother is willing to go for the love of her daughter. She really goes to some extreme measures.

KRISTIN: Why will people love this film?

RANDY: It’s directed by Pierre Morel, who directed Taken which is a very iconic revenge action film. He really knows how to make action look good on screen. Jennifer really makes the character of Riley North seem like a broken woman trying to make things right by hurting everyone involved in the crimes against her loved ones. You will be rooting for her character to take everyone out!

KRISTIN: On top of Peppermint, you have some really great upcoming projects. Can you tell us what you have coming up?

RANDY: I have a role on a new series called David Makes Man. It is written by Tarrell Alvin Mccraney, who won an Oscar for writing on Moonlight and it is executive produced by Oprah Winfrey and Michael B. Jordan. So some very talented individuals are involved with this project. I also wrote, directed and acted in a short film titled Amigos that was selected to screen at the Official Latino Film Festival in Coachella, CA, so I am very excited about that.

KRISTIN: You got your start in music as a part of a band before acting. Do you ever consider going back to music?

RANDY: I actually just got a small home studio set up in my house earlier this year. I’ve been messing around recording some new music. I think it’s very possible that I’ll get back into music. It was such a big part of my life growing up. It’s hard to completely abandon it. Would be awesome to get involved with scoring TV or film projects at some point.

KRISTIN: If you weren’t in entertainment, what do you think you would be doing?

RANDY: My mom was a teacher and I like volunteering with kids, so maybe I’d be a teacher and teach creative writing. 

KRISTIN: Where can fans keep up with you online?

RANDY: On Instagram at Randy_G and on Twitter at RandyGRandyG

Make sure you check out Peppermint this weekend in a theater near you. Also follow Randy on Instagram and Twitter above to stay tuned to his upcoming projects. Hit him up for some creative writing tips if needed!!! We look forward to all Randy Gonzalez has coming up in our entertainment world!

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