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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Alex Weksler Talks new EP Air

Alex Weksler may not be a name you know well yet, but yet is the key word. With the launch of her EP Air out now, we got to talk with Weksler about her music, how she selected the songs for this EP, and where she is headed next. Your favorite music selection… that’s where.


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KRISTIN: Will you tell us how you started in music? At what point did you know you wanted to be an artists?

ALEX: I’ve always loved writing and music as long as I can remember, but when I was around 15 I picked up guitar and learned a couple more instruments as I got older (piano/uke). Then once I turned 18 I started gigging around and just kept going from there! Music and writing have always been something I’m passionate about.

KRISTIN: You have a brand new EP titled Air out now. What has the reaction of listeners been like?

ALEX: I’ve had a really positive response! I think people really relate to the mindset I was in when the EP was written/ recorded and the story as a whole. All my friends really love, “Gold” in particular which is cool because that’s my next single!

KRISTIN: How many songs are on the EP?

ALEX: It’s a 6 song EP and the songs were all written in a span of year. All of them are really important to me in different ways.

KRISTIN: How did you make the decision of which songs would make the cut? Did you write only a certain number or did you write a lot and then narrow it down?

ALEX: I remember when planning out the EP I had a list of around 10 songs and basically just picked the ones I enjoyed playing live the most. Originally there was actually only supposed to be 5 songs but in the middle of recording the EP I wrote, “Stranger I Know” and it seemed like a really fitting song to end the album so I added it.

KRISTIN: I love that this EP has a theme, a relationship. What gave you an idea to do this type of EP instead of an eclectic mix of songs?

ALEX: I never really planned to write a themed album but after laying out all the songs I realized it became this musical scrapbook of everything I went through that year, sort of falling in and out of love. I didn’t even realize it told a story until I layed all the songs out on the table, but I’m really happy it worked out that way.

KRISTIN: With the EP out, what is next? Are you already working on new music for another EP or an Album, or are you touring or doing some live gigs?

ALEX: I’ve definitely got a lot planned! I’ll be gigging a lot around NYC including playing a set at the Bowery Electric, February 3rd 8:00 pm, and the Bitter End, February 15th at 7:00 p.m. I’ll also be releasing a music video for, “Air” and a lyric video for, “Gold” next month! I have no definite plans to tour but that’s definitely still one of my goals as a musician.

KRISTIN: Where can fans keep up with you online?

ALEX: Fans can keep up with me @alexwekslermusic on Facebook and Instagram and @awekslermusic on Twitter! I also have a website coming out this month under Alex Weksler music.

KRISTIN: If you weren’t making music, what do you think you would be doing?

ALEX: I actually also teach 1st grade! So when I’m not making music, I’m in the classroom with a group of great littles.

A teacher and an incredible musician in one! Could you get better? Make sure you follow Alex Weksler on all her above listed social media sites. You can also pick up her EP on iTunes or listen to the album below on Soundcloud.


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