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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Artist Madi Rindge Talks New Single and Upcoming EP

Madi Rindge is inching her way towards her EP release and doing it with a fun twist. Every month she releases a new single from the EP leading up to the release! That’s right. You get to listen to new songs every month until you get the full package. We got to talk with Madi about her new EP and the already released singles Just One and Perfect. Check out what she has to say and what she is keeping tight sealed until the release.


KRISTIN: Before we get in to all the new stuff, can you tell us how you first started singing? At what point did you know this is what you wanted to do?

MADI: Hey Kristin thanks for having me! I’ve been playing music since I was 2 – classical piano, violin, guitar and singing in choirs – but it wasn’t until middle school that I really started pursuing singing. I auditioned to be in advanced choirs, a cappella groups, bands, sing solos at all the school performances, and was writing my own music. When I was 14, I remember telling myself that singing, writing and performing is exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I would make it happen no matter what!

KRISTIN: You are based out of LA. Why do you think LA is the place for you to be to grow your career?

MADI: Since I grew up in LA it feels like home. I lived in New York for 4 years while going to school at NYU and also lived in Paris through their study abroad program, but never felt like anywhere was home more than LA. And being comfortable in a city I think allows you to be your best self, which ultimately will help me grow my career. I have old friends and have made new ones here. My network is growing exponentially. This city also has given me a lot of opportunity and is filled with creativity. That’s what I love about LA.

KRISTIN: You have a few new singles out in the past month or two. You had “Just One” and now you have “Perfect,” both from your upcoming EP. What has the reaction been like from listeners and fans?

MADI: It’s been great! I feel so lucky to have such devoted fans who are constantly engaging with me. With the story behind “Perfect” and it being so female empowerment focused, I was able to collaborate with the Feminist Voice, Gold Hand Girls, Okay Player, and Sounds because it was in line with what they were doing and promoting. But I can’t wait for the next few singles to be released! Next up is “Somethin’ On Ya” dropping Jan 1, 2018 ☺

KRISTIN: We have an idea of what to expect from this EP, but tell us what else we have coming our way with that?

MADI: I’m going to be touring next year and I cannot wait! I get so energized when I perform and am so excited to finally be able to meet all my fans, in the real world. I’m a huge fan of Instagram, which is where I interact most with my followers. I post about upcoming news, videos, new songs, and do contests. You can follow @madirindge to get in on the dirt 😉

KRISTIN: What is the EP called and when should we expect it in full?

MADI: It’s called Just One (after the title of the first single off of the EP) and it will be out April 1, 2018!

KRISTIN: You are releasing one single from the EP every month on the 1st until the full release. What song is next?

MADI: The next one is “Somethin’ On Ya” out January 1st!

KRISTIN: Your sound has been described as soulful, pop, and powerful. Would you agree with these descriptions?

MADI: Yes! I’m hugely influenced by soul, Motown, and r&b so that makes sense haha. But I put my own pop twist on it and use elements from different genres to make it my own.

KRISTIN: Are you working on music videos for any of your singles?

MADI: ohhhh yeah. I have something special in the works for when my EP drops. Lips are sealed!!!

KRISTIN: What is something that would surprise people to know about you?

MADI: I used to want to be a vet! But then in middle school I realized I couldn’t handle the blood lol.

KRISTIN: I know your focus is likely on the new EP coming out soon, but do you have any other work or surprises up your sleeve that we should know about?

MADI: I’m always preparing for the next thing so while my main focus is on the release of this EP, I’m gearing up for an album already and creating some great video content ☺ In addition to that, I’m planning to tour!!

KRISTIN: Where can we and fans keep up with you online? Social media platforms?

MADI: You can follow me on Instagram @madirindge, spotify, soundcloud, facebook, twitter, all over!! I have a website as well where you can sign up for my email list (a great way to be the first to know about new music, shows, contests, etc) at MadiRindgeMusic.com.

Madi Rindge has a unique sound that is going to be filling your airwaves in no time. Make sure to pick up her first two singles now and stay tuned for the new one on January 1st and each month until the release of her new EP. She has big plans! Also make sure to follow her on all of her above listed social media sites.

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