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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Artist Samuel J Talks New Single and Upcoming Music

Music sensation Samuel J is someone you will know soon if you do not already. With a brand new single out, Embrace, we got to talk with Samuel J about his music and what he has coming up for the rest of 2018. Sneak peak… he’s got so much more coming! Check out what he had to say here and pick up his single Embrace on iTunes!


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KRISTIN: Let’s start out from the beginning. How did you get into music? Why this career path?

SAMUEL: My sister was a big inspiration. Her creative writing and melodies really inspired me to play. It was such a powerful expression of her soul and spirit. There was a deeper meaning behind it too. We shared a strong passion for the natural world and the protection of it. Her songs spoke directly to some of the greatest issues that face us at this time. It seemed to come naturally and graciously to her. It wasn’t until I started playing I realized I had this similar relationship with music. I felt the essence of my music was there the first time I wrote a song at 12 years old.

I grew up in a pioneering musical scene in Bristol in the south west of the UK that has birthed the genres of hip hop, dub step, drum n bass and new age folk. Regardless of these genre names it has just been an epicenter of new sounds- Portishead, Massive Attack, etc. Growing up, no one was concerned about being on top of the pops or winning shiny awards, it was all about making something super deep, purposeful, beautiful and heart moving, because that’s what moved us all in the first place, the power to communicate something real, and that has never changed. I feel that is still fully present in my music.
Having said that, yes, I have studied my craft all over the world.

KRISTIN: You have a new single out called “Embrace”. What sound should people expect when listening to this?

SAMUEL: Words are limited to describe sound, which is why we have music, but I would stay deep, urban rhythms laced with the grace of acoustic string symphony and soulful, purposeful vocals.

KRISTIN: Why did you choose “Embrace” as your single?

SAMUEL: It’s a song that was created in a different way and environment from the rest of the album, so naturally lent itself to be a single. I feel it has a universal appeal about it too. It is a mainstream, radio friendly sound. I also feel the concept of “Embrace” is something many people can relate to. That moment when you can either give in or breakthrough, turn away or embrace it. “Embrace” was born from that moment, having to accept and acknowledge our reality as it is before we can change it.

KRISTIN: With “Embrace” out, what do you think will be the next step? Are you working on a new album or EP?

SAMUEL: I am about to release my album Into The Light which I consider my life’s best works. There is a whole plan in place for release on summer solstice and following up with a new team and some full production music videos. It will be an independent release that will also include a documentary that follows me on a journey connecting with people and portraying the unifying power of music.

KRISTIN: I hear you also run a project called “Break Through Paddle”. Tell us about that project.

SAMUEL: Yes, the ocean is my other huge passion. I believe in the healing power of the sea. It has saved me many times from being overwhelmed by life especially with injuries. I offer a transformation experience integrating breath work, life coaching and meditation out on the water, to clear trauma and restore balance of mind, body and spirit. It is for all people but particularly beneficial for those breaking through major life traumas or addictions.

KRISTIN: Why is this such an important topic for you?


I feel my greatest purpose is connecting people with their own light. Whether that be through music or my coaching.

KRISTIN: Any other upcoming music we should be on the lookout for?


So much. I have been recording content for too long. The album is coming and will be followed up with some visuals as well.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with you online?

You can join my journey on instagram @samueljmusic. Music is available for free listening on soundcloud and spotify or purchase on iTunes and Bandcamp. All of this can be found at: www.samjmusic.com

You can pick up all Samuel J’s music on iTunes or stream it through Spotify or Soundcloud. Also make sure to follow him on his above listed social media site. Stay tuned to more from Samuel J in coming months! We are looking forward to it!

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