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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Belgium Boy Band 4TK Talks Debut Single

Boy bands may not be everyone’s favorites, but if you ask me, they still got it and can out sing and out dance most standard artists. 4TK is no exception. Their voices will lure you in and make you a fan from moment one. I would know. I got the privelege of interviewing 4TK, also known as The Fourth Kingdom, about their brand new debut single “Broken”, which is incredibly emotional and perfect! Made up of Jaxon, Sebastian, Shane, and Kyle, check out what they had to say about becoming a group, new singles, new music video, and what is to come.


KRISTIN: I want to start by talking about how you all got together? How did 4TK come to be?

4TK: We became friends during the show “The Voice Belgium”. We all competed separably but ended up making a band at the end of the show. Sebastian, who competed the year before was already managed by our manager Peter, & he suggested that we should include Sebastian in 4TK, we all met up & we bonded immediately. The rest is history 🙂

KRISTIN: 4TK stands for The Fourth Kingdom. Where did that name come from?

Shane: We were actually called State Of Mind in the beginning until we started to see comments on Youtube that people were confusing us with another band with the same name. So just before the US release, we decided to change our name into The Fourth Kingdom.

Kyle: We try to bring our own sound, pop with urban music influences. We also love collaborating with other artists that bring something extra to our sound

KRISTIN: You have a brand new single out called Broken. This is your first official debut single. What made you decide this song would make the best single to release first?

Jaxon: Last April we stayed in New York for about two months, recording different songs for our upcoming album. Ty Jamz, one of our producers played us the “Broken” instrumental and together with MJ Songstress (songwriter) we started writing to it.

Sebastian: The lyrics poured out of our heart, it was quite intense to create. “Broken” really strikes a chord with us and is a good representative of who we are as a band.

Shane: We knew that Broken could be a potential single, but we are really happen that our management decided that it would become our debut single in The US, we wrote Broken together with Ty and MJ and we are really proud of the result.

KRISTIN: You also have a new music video for the single. Who did you work with on this video and where did the concept come from?

Shane: Broken is about the hurt of losing the one you love, the breaking up of that relationship.

Kyle: Indeed, you know your girl is cheating on you but you go through the motion of denial, sometimes the reality is too hard to deal with.

Sebastian: Tone V, the video director really wanted to capture that raw, groomy feel, kinda depressed feel that the song reflects.

Jaxon: And I think you can really feel that in the Broken music video.

KRISTIN: You have said this was a very deep and emotional song for you guys to perform. What made this one so powerful?

4TK: We felt the heartache when we we wrote and recorded it and we want to show those feeling when we perform it.

KRISTIN: With the single out and the video released, what comes next? Are you working on a new album or EP?

Kyle: We are going on the digitour in the US, East & West coast, starting at the end of September.

Jaxon: And we already recorded about 20 songs.

Shane: Which we will release in two waves, 2 EP’s.

Sebastian: One in September and one in summer 2018.

KRISTIN: What is it about your sound that you think wll draw fans in?

4TK: We do believe we bring a sound that is not typical boybandish, we want to combine pop with urban influences and just be us, 4TK.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with you online? Do you hold a social media presence?

4TK: Fans can follow us on instagram and youtube @thefourthkingdom, twitter @thefourthkingdm and facebook @thefourthkingdomofficial.

There you have it. A perfect mixture of pop and R&B, with some good looking men to go along with it. Have we mentioned they are talented? Such an amazing group, make sure you pick up their single now, watch the video, and make sure to keep your eye out for their EP this September!

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