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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Desert Tundra Talks About Brand New Video for Single Virginia

Desert Tundra has been described as Alt Rock, but their sound is so much more than that. Not only have they filled our ears with wonderful music, but recently a brand new video for their single Virginia is out. We got the chance to talk with Desert Tundra about the new video, new, upcoming music and more. Check out what was said and when you can expect more music!

Desert Tundra

KRISTIN: I want to start by having you tell us how you got into music starting back in Virginia and now being LA-based.

DESERT TUNDRA: Hi Kristin, thanks for having me! I’ve been in bands since I was about 14 years old where I started out playing lead guitar at first then eventually began fronting bands.

KRISTIN: Your sound is described as Alt-Rock. How would you describe your music to someone has never listened to any of it?

DESERT TUNDRA: I would probably describe it as Rock.

KRISTIN: You have a new single out called “Virginia”. How has the reaction from fans been?

DESERT TUNDRA: The reaction and amount of love we’ve been getting from “Virginia” has been great. I feel very humbled and honored.

KRISTIN: Now that the single is out, you have also released a brand-new video for “Virginia.” Who did you work with to bring this video to fruition?

DESERT TUNDRA: Yes, we did just release a video. I worked with the brother and sister director team of Jeremy Reyes and Sophia Anita Reyes. I met Sophia initially through connections in the LA music scene.

KRISTIN: Now that it is out how have the fans reaction to this new music and video?

DESERT TUNDRA: We’ve been getting a lot of love from fans about the video. I purposely wanted it to be a mini movie of sorts.

KRISTIN: With the video out, are you going to be following up with a new EP or album in the near future?

DESERT TUNDRA: Yes, I am thrilled to announce that we will be in the studio the first two weeks of December working on our next album with producer John Bender. He has produced and engineered for some great bands such as Paramore and My Chemical Romance. We are very exciting for sure!

KRISTIN: What else do you have coming up that we should be on the lookout for?

DESERT TUNDRA: Aside from the album, 2017 is going to be an exciting year for us. We are going on tour, and hopefully opening for some big name acts.

KRISTIN: Where can fans keep up with everything you have going on? Facebook/Instagram/Twitter?

DESERT TUNDRA: So definitely check us out on http://www.deserttundra.com , https://www.facebook.com/deserttundra, https://www.instagram.com/desert_tundra , and https://twitter.com/deserttundra5

Make sure you pick up your copy of Virginia on itunes. You can also check out the brand new music video below. Tune in to all the above listed social media sites to keep up with the new music and more from Desert Tundra!


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