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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Musical Sensation Didi J Talks New Single Say No More featuring Shaggy

Didi is a gorgeous singer/songwriter who is making everyone talk. Her brand new single with Shaggy is out and people are loving it. We got to sit down and talk with Didi about her music, what feedback she’s been getting from the fans on the new music, and what she has planned next.


KRISTIN: Tell us about you’re your background, where you were born, and how you got into music.

DIDI: I am a singer-songwriter and fashion designer from Europe (Austria and Montenegro region). I have been singing since young, but did not start following my dream until I turned 18, and won the biggest festival in my country. Where I’m from, there are not really artists singing commercial pop music. Almost all of the singers sing folk music. So, at first, no one was supportive of my dream. It wasn’t until I started becoming popular in my region that even my family started to support me. I’ve had singles chart in the top 100 in large markets like Spain, along with artists like Maroon 5, JLo and Pitbull. And, now I dream of becoming a popular artist in the US, the largest market in the world. It is every singer’s dream to make it in America.

KRISTIN: You have a new single out called Say No More featuring Shaggy. Who did you work with on this song putting it together?

DIDI: The song was produced by Jens Gad, who has worked with artists like Madonna, Beyonce, and The Veronicas. It was written by me, Chase J of RocNation, Carla Henderson, and Shaggy (of course). Chase has written songs for artists like Menudo and Ne-yo, and is signed with RocNation as a singer-songwriter.

KRISTIN: You worked with Shaggy on this song. Very talented individual. What was this experience like?

DIDI: Shaggy is amazing! He brought a different kind of “flava” and “swag” to the song. His voice resonates so strongly and added a touch of male sexiness to the song that enhanced the feel of the song. I feel like it also made the song more cross-over for the dance floor. Of course, he also is a very experienced artist, and he was able to go in the studio, write, and record in an amazingly fast amount of time.

KRISTIN: Who did you collaborate with on the idea for the music video and coming up with that idea?

DIDI: I worked with Gil Green and Michael Garcia on the video. They are a really creative and awesome team to work with. Gil has worked with some of the biggest artists in the industry today. It was a very amazing experience to work with those two.

KRISTIN: With this single out and the video released, what is your next plan? Are you working on an EP or album?

DIDI: My team and I plan to release at least 2 more singles and an EP in this market this year. As of right now, my next single we will release is one of my favorite songs we’ve recorded called “Fever.”

KRISTIN: How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it?

DIDI: I would have to describe my music as fun, energetic, sexy, dance-infused, and high fashion.

KRISTIN: Where can we follow you online? Do you keep a social media presence?

DIDI: Yes! Of course! Social media is something I take very seriously.

My social media links are:
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/didijofficial

Youtube: https://youtu.be/vUcyj56oDjk (“Say No More” Didi J feat. Shaggy video)

FB: https://www.facebook.com/didijofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/didijofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/didijofficial/

Make sure you follow Didi J on all her above listed social media sites and make sure to pick up her new single Say No More featuring Shaggy.

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