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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Pop/Electronica Artists Airi Mori Talks New Music

A fan of American music brought Airi Mori over to the U.S. from Japan and we could not be happier. The music industry took an instant liking to her and she has been finely honing her skills since. I got to chat with Airi Mori about her brand new single, upcoming debut album, and what else she likes to dabble in while not making new music.


KRISTIN: Hello! Thank you for talking with me! You have a great backstory. You are Japanese-born where you were singing American pop music before even fully speaking English. Now you reside in Los Angeles. How did your music journey start and lead you to LA?

AIRI: Hello! Thank you for having me here. I fell in love with American pop music when I listened to Whitney Houston singing in the movie, The Bodyguard. I was seven years old. My dad bought me the soundtrack, and I sang along with it in the car everywhere we went. My school days were pretty busy with studying, but music was always the biggest part of my heart. It was there to support me on bad days and to make me feel even better on good days. After I graduated from my university, I decided to come to LA to live out my dream.

KRISTIN: You seem to really want to perfect your craft. You have done schooling through Musicians Institute for your music as well as mixing and processing of music too. Why was learning the technical aspect so important to you?

AIRI: Since I started producing and recording when I was in high school,
I sometimes had other people record me or do mixing for me, but I always felt that I needed to understand the process and to know how people were handling my music. I also felt that just being the creator was not always good enough that I needed to learn how to make myself and my music even better. So I decided to learn audio engineering.

KRISTIN: You have a new single out called “Fading”. When you were selecting your single, why did this one pop out at you?

AIRI: First of all, it was totally different type of music from what I had been doing.
In terms of the writing process, I took a totally different approach as an experiment from my previous single, “Heartbeat”. I laid down the beats first and then wrote to it instead of staring with the melody and lyrics. People thought of me more as a female soul vocalist, but I also wanted to showcase the producing side of me. I love dancing, too, and enjoyed producing electronic dance music. It’s been a new direction, but so far I’ve been having fun with it.

KRISTIN: Are you going to be doing a music video for this song?

AIRI: No, not for this song, but I will be doing a video for a song on my up coming EP.

KRISTIN: I hear you are working on your debut album you plan on calling “Reason of Love”. Anything you can tell us about that?

AIRI: My name, Airi in Japanese means “reason of love”. So I named my first EP as an introduction of myself to the world. And I feel that if there is anything the world could use more of is love.

KRISTIN: What should fans expect from the new music. Anything different from things they have heard from you before?

AIRI: So far, I have tried a few different kinds of music and I plan on continuing experimenting with my music until I find my perfect place. For a lot of people, my new sound is surprising and honestly I am still searching for my true sound as an artist. I believe it is going to be a continuous evolution. People can embody many emotions all at once and I want my music to mirror that.

KRISTIN: Looking back at when you first started really performing or releasing music, how do you feel you have grown as an artist?

AIRI: I have learned that to worry for the sake of worrying achieves nothing. I used to worry about how I look or sound to the outside world too much, but accepting myself as I am has been the biggest achievement. I used to constantly point out everything I did wrong and discourage myself. But I have learned to accept myself and say, “This is just another part of me” and love who I am.

KRISTIN: What do you hope to do in the next couple years? What is your goal for where you want to be?

AIRI: I would like to keep growing as an artist and open up more musically. I want to be able to express who I am while reaching out to more people and create a broader audience. I just want to keep doing what I love and love what it is I do.

KRISTIN: New music, possible videos, and an album in the works… any touring you are planning as well?

AIRI: My first EP is coming up early this summer, and I will be working on a video for that, which I am very excited about.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with all of your work online? Social media?

AIRI: My website airimori.com has all the links to my social media including
my Instagram: airimori1 and Facebook: Airi Mori – Music page. I thank you so much for your time.

Pick up Airi Mori’s new single “Fading” on iTunes and stay tuned for her new album coming soon. You can follow her online to make sure you know what it is being released and when! Check out the new song below from her Soundcloud.

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