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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Rising Music Sensation Fay Gauthier

Fay Gauthier may be a name you recognize from many different aspects of the entertainment industry. Having dipped her toes into acting, writing, and music, she’s kind of done it all. We got to talk with her about her brand new single Be What You Are, upcoming album, and what is coming up next.

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KRISTIN: You have a lot of experience in many parts of entertainment; music, acting, and writing. How did you get involved in all these different aspects?

FAY: I always had an interest in all three. I sang as a child, but there wasn’t really an outlet to explore acting where I grew up. When I finished college, I started taking voice lessons, and on my teacher’s recommendation, I got involved in the community theater scene in Massachusetts. Once I moved to LA, I got more serious about acting. I took classes and started booking commercials and small roles. Ultimately my acting led to exploring my long dormant interest in writing. I’d received some positive feedback on sketches and scenes I’d written in classes, and I re-discovered how much I enjoy it.

KRISTIN: What made you select Be What You Are as your new single?

FAY: We felt the song captured the essence of the album, in that being who I am musically means not boxing myself in to a specific genre.

KRISTIN: Following this single will be your full length album Firehead. Tell us about the process of putting this album together.

FAY: I actually didn’t start out with the intention of doing an album. The industry has changed so much since the last album I put out, that I was leaning towards releasing individual songs. But Rick, one of my producers, convinced me that for touring, marketing, etc. it was better to make a comprehensive product. I’m glad he did because I’m thrilled with how it came out.

KRISTIN: How did you pick which songs made the cut? Did you have a specific sound you were going for?

FAY: We took a look at all my songs, old and new, including some I’d previously recorded. We had already laid down a few tracks before we decided to make an album, and based off those songs, we chose other songs that would work well stylistically. Two of those, No More Lyin’ and Exposed, were on my first album “Comic Strip”, but we gave them fresh arrangements.

KRISTIN: How would you describe the sound of this album?

FAY: A multi-genre mix of pop/rock, jazz, and spoken word.

KRISTIN: When is this album releasing?

FAY: The official release date is September 5th.

KRISTIN: With the album coming out, what is up next for you? More music? Other projects with acting or writing?

FAY: Yes, yes and yes. I’ve been writing and recording new songs, including my first co-writing venture with one of my producers. And I’m almost finished with the first draft of my mystery novel, which I’ll be adapting to a screenplay.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with you and all your work online? Do you hold a social media presence?

FAY: My website (faygauthier.com) and my Facebook page

(fay_gauthier@faygauthiermusician) provide the best way for people to keep up with me right now. As for Twitter and Instagram, I’m new to them, so it’s like that whole tree falling in a forest thing…if a person joins Twitter and tweets but has no followers did the tweet make a sound? I need to work on my social media presence! 🙂

Make sure to stay tuned to more from Fay Gauthier by following her on her above listed social media sites and website. Also make sure to pick up her new music on iTunes!

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