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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Singer Dara Carter Talks New Single #Sadderdays

Normally we talk about a new album or a new EP from an artist, but Dara Carter is so talented that we wanted to spotlight a single. Her brand new single #Sadderdays is from her album The Gem In I and it is raw, beautiful, and will stick in your head for long after it ends. We talked with Carter about her single, album, and what she plans on doing next. Check out what she had to say!


Photo Credit: Brelan Butler

KRISTIN: At what point in your life did you decide performing was it for you?

DARA: I realized at about twelve years old that I would be a performer. I had been writing songs for about three years by then and had polished them enough to feature around the city. I was blessed to be introduced to some very talented jazz cats in Atlanta who had been performing for decades. I was given the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Phil Davis, Sonny Emory, and more. Watching them express themselves freely and put themselves out there in front of so many people inspired me. I learned so much about the art of music and expression from these music masters and from there I knew my career had been set. I’ve been performing ever since.

KRISTIN: You have a new music video out for your single #Sadderdays. First off, why did this song become the next single? What made it stand out to you above your other choices?

DARA: I chose Sadderdays to be my single from “The Gem In I” album because I personally find it to be the most reflective song on the album. One unique thing about my songwriting is that it can take me a bit of time to figure out what the song means even after writing it. My songwriting process is more of a channeling than an intentional writing session, so it can take a while for me to interpret my own lyrics. Sadderdays reallly stimulated me because everytime I would listen to it, its meaning stood out to me in a different way. I even started asking fans to describe what they thought the song was about because people would come up with so many different ideas about what it means to them. Sadderdays stands out to me because it’s one of my favorite I like a song that makes people think and reflect!

KRISTIN: Who did you work with on this video and where did the concept come from?

DARA: The concept of Sadderdays came to me in a dream. In it, I was given life through a light being placed in my chest. I slowly began to realize myself as form and I fell in love with my individuality. I came across a group of people, all dancing together. Soon I began to conform to their own dance, forgetting my own. After I surrendered to the dance of the world, the light was taken back out of my chest and I ceased to exist. I interpreted this dream to represent how we are birthed into the world as individuals and slowly our true selves by trying to conform to the crowd. I’m excited about the video because as it turns out I was able to recreate my dream almost exactly, so if you’ve seen the video, you’ve experienced the dream I had. I have cinematographer Brelan Butler to thank for helping me translate my idea from my brain to the screen. After we storyboarded, figured out the location, got the materials we needed, and created the costumes, it was all a matter of getting people to be in it. It was heartwarming to find so many people willing to be apart of my creativity and I’m so grateful to everyone who came out, they were eager to help. I especially thank my dancer, Karmin Mosley of Miss Jr.’s Bulliez for creating the choreography and playing the lead.

KRISTIN: How have fans reacted to it so far?

DARA: My fans really love Sadderdays! I’ve gotten great feedback about the soothing nature of the sound as well as the introspective lyrics. People seem to be very intrigued about the abstract quality of the video and what it might possibly mean.

KRISTIN: With the release of the single and video, do you have other music currently in the works or preparing for release?

DARA: 2018 is going to be an exciting year! I have plans to release two more music videos from my debut album “The Gem in I” in the first quarter of the year. I also have a few more singles in the works for release as well as a big project coming towards the end of the year. Stay tuned! There will be more details to come. I am in the beginning stages of pushing my new initiative for peace through my music. If you care about For updates, visit my website Daracarter.com and sign into the email list.

KRISTIN: Do you plan to do any touring in 2018?

DARA: I can not confirm an official tour for 2018 yet, but stay tuned! I will have details on that very soon.

KRISTIN: If you weren’t making music, do you think you’d still be involved in music in some other way or would you be doing something else?

DARA: If I were not making music I would definitely still be involved in music. I would probably do something pertaining to music therapy. One of the things I love most about music is that it touches people in a way that nothing else can. I’ve watched it bring people to tears time and time again and there’s no feeling like being the vessel for something so therapeutic and healing to the soul. If I weren’t a songwriter I would position myself in a way to be able to distribute other’s songs to people who need to hear them.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with you online?

DARA: You can find me, my music, and my other endeavors such as modeling and philanthropy on my website daracarter.com as well as on Instagram under the name “@daracartermusic“, Facebook as
Dara Carter – Artist Fanpage” and Twitter as “@Daracarter

Make sure to pick up Dara Carter’s single #Sadderdays and stay tuned for more videos, music, and her upcoming album! Also make sure to follow her on her above listed social media sites. Also check out her single below!


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