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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Singer/Songwriter Kate Brown

In a music industry that seems to be somewhat filled with similar sounds and generic lyrics, it’s always refreshing to stumble across a singer/songwriter who has a unique and appealing sound. Kate Brown has just that. With a brand new single out… and even more new music in the near future… we talked with Brown about what she has coming up next and the love she is feeling from fans on her new work.


KRISTIN: You are a small town girl from Iowa. At what point did you decide that being a singer was what you wanted to do?

KATE: I grew up in a singing family, so I guess it was a natural thing. I knew I wanted to be a performer really early on, like around 8 years old. I did tons of acting and loved being in front of people. My folks are hilarious extroverts and have always been very supportive of all my artistic endeavors. I’m really lucky to come from such an encouraging family.

KRISTIN: You have a new single out “Bring Me Down Dixie”. What has the feedback been like from listeners?

KATE: Wow, it’s been really positive. It’s been amazing to get such lovely feedback from so many of my fans old and new…

KRISTIN: Why did you pick this song as your single? What made it stand out to you?

KATE: I think this song speaks to me especially as an artist working in a changing, and sometimes challenging, music industry. I’ve seen so many of my friends and collaborators struggle and face the challenge of feeling like what they’re working so hard to create and put into the world isn’t important or appreciated… it’s like being in love with someone who won’t give you the time of day. You can’t let it change what’s amazing about you, you have to go on, you have to do it for YOU, and know that love will come. Make sense?

KRISTIN: With this single do you have plans for more music in the near future? Maybe a full-length album or an EP?

KATE: Yes, absolutely. I have a lot of new music that I’m very excited about. The plan is to release a new EP this spring.

KRISTIN: Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing?

KATE: Well, I think expression is at it’s best when it comes from an honest place, so I always try to use my own life experiences, feelings, struggles, frustrations etc. as the catalyst for my song writing.

KRISTIN: When you write music do you typically come up with the tune first and then the lyrics or vice versa?

KATE: For me they usually come simultaneously… I find myself improvising a lot. But, sometimes I’ll come us with a chorus or just one line and it will sort of hang out for a long time before it get’s flushed out into a real living song… I’m always working on lots of songs at once. For me it’s very emotionally driven.

KRISTIN: What is your favorite part about being a singer? Do you love writing lyrics or performing for live crowds? Or all of the above?

KATE: Nothing beats performing live. For me, there’s nothing better.

KRISTIN: What do you have planned for 2016?

KATE: Tony, the band, and I are playing lots and lots of shows on the west coast. The new EP is coming out in the spring and we have tentative plans for a short Midwestern tour this summer. And, we are going to try to get back into the studio and work on recording some new tunes… So we are going to be busy and have a ton of fun. I can’t wait!

KRISTIN: Where can we stay up to date with what you have coming out and when?

KATE: Check out our website www.KateBrownMusic.com we keep that well updated. If you sign up for the mailing list, we send out a short highlights newsletter once a month… and of course we are on all the great social media sites out there. Facebook ‘Kate Brown Music’
Twitter @katebrownmusic
Instagram @katebrownmusic
I’m kind of addicted.

We encourage you to go get your copy of “Bring Me Down Dixie” from itunes and follow Kate Brown on all her social media platforms to stay up to date on when her new EP drops! Also check it out right here below on Soundcloud!

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