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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Singer/Songwriter Mason Ashley Talks About Her New EP “Strangers”

Mason Ashley has an angelic voice and the brains and talent to write some incredible lyrics to belt out. She has a new EP just out called Strangers and you are going to want to buy it. We got to talk with Mason about her new music, touring, upcoming plans, and more music. Hear what she has to say right before you swing over to iTunes to pick up her EP.


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KRISTIN: Have you always wanted to be a singer? How early did your writing start?

MASON: I started writing when I was about nine years old and grew to occasionally singing in church. When I was 12, I started performing my songs on stage. From the very first performance I knew that I was hooked. I honestly fell in love with this career.

KRISTIN: You are only 18 years old. Where do you draw such powerful emotions and lyrics from?

MASON: I draw inspiration from so many different places but I really just write what I’m feeling. I’ve learned that the best songs come from when I’m confused and I’m trying to sort out my emotions. No matter what age a writer is, I think that writing from the heart is the way to go.

KRISTIN: You have a new EP “Strangers” out. How long did you work on this EP?

MASON: “Strangers” took about a year to complete. We started the recording process when I only had two songs written for the record and basically had to pray that I’d get inspiration quickly. I wrote the other four songs within about two months and they fit so perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.

KRISTIN: On that EP your new song Paper Planes is making splashes. Why did you chose this as your single?

MASON: Paper Planes was the first song written for the album. It was originally going to be the title track for the EP before I wrote the title track, “Strangers”. The song is so visual and relatable and I feel like it really sets the tone for the record so I wanted it to be the first song listeners heard from it.

KRISTIN: You have also released a music video for Paper Planes. Who did you collaborate with on this video? Where did the idea come from?

MASON: I worked with Burning Lake Productions on the music video and they really are the masterminds behind the idea. I was so excited to work with them on this because I knew that they’d really understood what the song is about. We wanted to paint a very visual but subtle metaphor for a messy, beautiful, crumbling relationship and I think that the old building was a genius idea on their part.

KRISTIN: What is it you love about music so much?

MASON: Music is one of the most powerful things in the world. It can connect people from all different backgrounds and pasts and bring strangers together. It can heal relationships and understand broken hearts. Music can make you feel things that nothing else can and the world would be a sad place without it.

KRISTIN: With the new EP coming out, the new single with a video released, what is coming next?

MASON: I’m excited to announce that two more music videos will be released, along with more singles before the EP is released. After the record is released, I have a few collaborations set up that I’m excited about and possibly some show dates on the books… and, of course, more music!

KRISTIN: Outside of music, what do you do for fun?

MASON: I’m actually in cosmetology school right now and working part time in a hair salon. So I get to do hair, makeup, AND music…my life is very creative. Other than that, I love dancing in my car, eating tacos, doing yoga, and hanging out with friends and family.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with your music online? Social media?

MASON: You can follow me on Facebook: Mason Ashley, Instagram : masonashleymusic, and Twitter: @themasonashley

You can follow Mason Ashley on her above listed social media sites. Also swing over to iTunes and pick up her new EP “Strangers”. Make sure to listen to that single “Paper Planes” first up! You can also watch the music video for “Paper Planes” on YouTube HERE. We have included it below for your viewing and listening pleasure. Check out more about Mason Ashley on her website http://www.masonashley.com.

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