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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Singer/Songwriter Melody Federer Talks New Single

Sometimes it is the ones sneaking into our music that turns out to be the ones we love the most. Melody Federer has probably graced your ears before, but in another voice as she wrote music for some of today’s artists. Now Federer is ready to share her own voice with those lyrics she has been writing. A new single and more in the works we can be sure to hear from her for a long time to come. I got the privilege to talk with Federer about all her upcoming work and you definitely want to hear what she has to say. Check it out below and then swing to iTunes to pick up her brand new single “Standing”.


KRISTIN: You have a great beginning in music. Tell us how you got started with singing.

MELODY: Well you guys have an amazing name. #NerdProblems. Best name ever, I definitely have some of those! Well, my dad was a pastor in the South. He’s not anymore, but back then he would play old hymns on the piano by ear. He’d also play James Taylor on the guitar. I probably caught the music bug from him. He also ran for congress when I was eleven or so and would have me sing the 4th verse of the American National Anthem everywhere we went. Like on a chair in the middle of McDonald’s kind of thing. The first time I sang it a woman gave me a $20. I thought, “Wow, I could get used to this!” Money for gummies and Frappuccino’s, the most important things to an eleven-year-old girl.

KRISTIN: You have a brand new single out “Standing”. When picking your next single, what made this one stand out to you?

MELODY: I think, to be honest, I write so many songs that after a while I have a difficult time telling which ones are really good or not. My friend and publisher Billy Mann has an amazing ear. So do the people over at LaFamos PR (Ian and Hunter shout out! And the whole team there). And they all seemed to really believe in this song and that it needed to be heard. So that helped!

KRISTIN: With the new single out, what has the reaction been like from your fans?

MELODY: I think they are getting to see a side of me I haven’t showed as much in the past. It’s probably the most genuine and raw song I’ve ever put out and I hope to put out more songs like this in the future. I feel like I’m just now starting to let fans and listeners really in.


KRISTIN: Are you working on a new EP or album to follow up this new single, or one that will include it?

MELODY: Yes! Thanks for asking. I’ve actually been working on a full-length album that is due to release in the fall which will include “Standing”.

KRISTIN: What should fans expect from the new music you are working on for release?

MELODY: It’s going to be a mixed bag of great songs. These are my most vulnerable songs to date. It is a blend of New Nashville and Los Angeles I would say. A lot of them are guitar driven. The lyrics are very honest and I think they are pretty emotional songs.

KRISTIN: You have written music for top artists before. What made you want to step into the spotlight yourself this time around?

MELODY: I feel like I had a story to tell. Life takes you on these wild journeys. This last year has been my wildest journey so far. Falling in love, getting pregnant unexpectedly, moving across the country…it’s provided a lot of inspiration. And my brain is weird. Having to be more consistent in my daily life because of my precious little baby girl Cassie (almost one year old) actually makes my brain even more creative and active than usual. So when I do finally get a little spare time, I am ready to write. I pull out my guitar and my little baby girl crawls over and starts grabbing at the strings!

KRISTIN: Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing music? And can you just sit and write an entire song in one sitting?

MELODY: I’m actually not always sure where the inspiration comes from. It comes from everywhere. Life, living is the inspiration. Sometimes it’s a conversation I hear between strangers. Sometimes it’s a phrase in a book. Sometimes it’s a mixture of a thousand melodies from all the music I listen to probably melding together into something new in my sleep. It can come from a rainy day, a down day. An up day, falling in love, falling out of love. Spending the afternoon with my angel on the front lawn. God, the universe, all of it. It’s an addicting and enchanting chase and mystery, and yes, I think I write best when I write quickly. My best songs usually come pretty much done from start to finish in about three minutes. When I try too hard to force it, it’s not always great. Of course, sometimes a little gem will be there and later, if I work on it, it will flesh out. I like being surprised myself when writing!

KRISTIN: Are you planning any live performances or are you saving those for an album release and tour?

MELODY: I think I will play a show for my next single release. And I just got to play an awesome show for Sofar Sounds Los Angeles! I love playing live and do so any chance I can.

KRISTIN: Aside from working on new music, do you have any other projects you are working on?

MELODY: I actually write books sometimes. I wrote a book of poetry called “ When the Dogwoods Bloom” which is also the name of the new album. And I’m often writing for other artists as well.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with all your work online? Social media?

MELODY: I’m on Instagram pretty frequently. I need to jump on the Snapchat train I guess. And then Facebook is kind of home base. My Instagram is @melodyfederer. My Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/MelodyRiffsMusic And Twitter is @melodyfederer

Pick up “Standing” in iTunes now. Also stay tuned to all Melody Federer’s social media accounts for more music and announcements. We are looking forward to much more from her in the near future. Tweet her and us your thoughts!

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