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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Singing Sensation Emily Keener Talks New Video

Emily Keener made her name known when she made the cut on NBC’s The Voice in Season 10. Now she is expanding her reach with the release of new music and a new video! We got the opportunity to talk with this singing beauty about her music and what she has planned for the rest of 2017. Check out all the little tidbits of information she was able to share!


KRISTIN: You have a really interesting story. Not only have you been singing and performing a long time, but you made it to the top 12 on Season 10 of The Voice. How did your journey get you to that point?

EMILY: It’s been quite the ride. I was fortunate enough to have parents that encouraged me to follow my passions from a young age, so I was actively writing and performing by the time I turned twelve. I never planned on auditioning for any kind of competition show, especially one that people kept telling me to try out for. I’m a little contrary sometimes. I absolutely loved playing shows, creating, and being a part of a little artistic community. A few months after releasing my second record, I was offered an audition slot for Season 10. My friends implored me to see where the opportunity took me, and I was honestly curious about how I would be received. Everything snowballed from there. The show was a really awesome time in my life. It was extremely challenging and fun. I learned so much about myself and my goals.

KRISTIN: From The Voice, where have you gone from there to bring you to where you are now?

EMILY: As soon as I returned home from the show, I started working hard on my newest record. We released it a few months later in November, 2016. It’s an original full length release called Breakfast. All of last year was a whirlwind. My shows were more exciting than ever, and the reception of my new music was immediately positive. I’m grateful for my extremely talented friends for putting their hearts and souls into the record and the music videos. Especially Noah Heyman, Dalton Brand, and Andrew Schaeffer. I’m a lucky gal!

KRISTIN: You have a new video out for your single “Light & Sound”. Who did you collaborate with on this video and come up with the idea?

EMILY: Andrew Schaeffer (Monocle) directed “Light & Sound” and the track was produced by Noah Heyman and Dalton Brand. The idea for the piece was to create something very bright and fun to tie in with the song’s pop-infused whimsy. Andrew is a brilliant videographer, and we also collaborated on my first music video, “Elevator” (September, 2016). He envisioned the lovely color palette and did some wonderful handheld shots. My friend Kassandra choreographed and performed the beautiful dance routine. My friend Chris played the crotchety old suit I describe in the first verse, and my brother Daniel played the comically self-absorbed dude in the last verse. It was a really entertaining shoot.

KRISTIN: When choosing a single, what made this song jump out at you as the next one?

EMILY: The production is fresh and uplifting, and I think the track has a lot of charming qualities. It’s a fun summer jam. Plus, the characters make me smile. I have a soft spot for slightly silly story songs. (Do I get points for a 6-part-alliteration?)

KRISTIN: For your most recent album, Breakfast, how would you describe your sound to someone who hadn’t heard it?

EMILY: Lyrically, it’s a very personal, reflective record. All of the songs are my originals, and started out as simple pieces: acoustic guitar and vocals. The honesty of those beginnings kind of comes through in the final product. In my opinion, the production is beautiful. There are lots of energetic moments, contrasted by a true reverence for space. Folk, pop, soft-rock, and indie stylings are all woven throughout the record. As I mentioned above, just about everybody involved in the creation of Breakfast is a personal friend of mine. I think that a sense of togetherness can absolutely be seen or heard in art. The sound of this record pays homage to my roots as a singer/songwriter while showcasing my versatility as an artist.

KRISTIN: Now that the video is out, what is next? Another single release or another album in the works?

EMILY: I’m about to release a new video for “Lorelei”, the second track from “Breakfast”. It’s a live performance piece, so I’m excited to share it with the world! Keep an eye on my social media accounts to see it soon. I have a bunch of new songs on deck and I’m starting to back into the studio. It will be interesting to see how a new project develops.

KRISTIN: Where can fans keep up with you online? Do you maintain a social media account?

EMILY: It’s 2017. I’m pretty sure my dog keeps up a social media account behind my back. Heehee! I am on all of the things:

Instagram: @EmilyKeenerMusic
Twitter: @EmilyKeener

Make sure to check out Emily Keener’s video below and download the single on iTunes. Also make sure you stay tuned for more music from Emily by following her on her above listed social media sites!

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