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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Son & Thief Talk New Single Million Dollar Rocket

Son & Thief has been on the move lately. With new singles popping up left and right, they are definitely taking the music industry by storm. Their newest release, Million Dollar Rocket, is now out and available for fans to download and set on repeat. We got to talk with them about their new music and what is coming up next.


KRISTIN: Can you tell me how you started in music? You have an interesting back story.

SON AND THIEF: Oh thanks, I feel like it was pretty normal but I’m glad you think so. My parents saw my interest in music as a kid and almost bought me a drum kit but my Dad said that was far too loud, so they got me an acoustic guitar instead. And now here we are now, some 12 years later.

KRISTIN: Over the years, how would you say your music has grown and changed?

SON AND THIEF: In the beginning of my musical years everything was so natural, from writing lyrics and melodies to recording the song. But since then I’ve gone through some phases of overthinking every aspect within the process because I thought that the harder I thought about everything the better it would become, but that’s been totally wrong. Now I’ve come full circle and I’m trying to regain more of that original ‘natural’ feeling within the process. There are definitely things that are in need of intense thought, but for the most part you have to just go with whatever feels good and tune out the doubts.

KRISTIN: You have a new single out called “Million Dollar Rocket”. What made you decide when listening to it that this song was the one you would release as your single?

SON AND THIEF: Well, it’s three and a half minutes, which seems to be the industry standard single length and it was finished. I guess those are the two qualifications for a single, right?

KRISTIN: Rumor has it you will be following up this single with a brand new album. Will this single be on there?

SON AND THIEF: Yes for sure. The title of the album is actually taken from a lyric in this song, so technically it’s the title track.

KRISTIN: What kind of sound are we to expect from the new album?

SON AND THIEF: It’s a lot more human, and a lot less polished than our previous EP. It has our quietest moment yet and our loudest moment yet. I would say that the record’s ideal listening environment is alone through headphones, outside at night. I don’t really know why, that just seems to feel right.

KRISTIN: What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t making music?

SON AND THIEF: Well I’m an Economics Major (at UGA), but I don’t think I’d want to go into any normal business or academic ventures. So probably making wine or something more creative and interesting.

KRISTIN: What else do you have coming up that we haven’t talked about yet?

SON AND THIEF: We have a couple album release shows lined up for Georgia. One in Atlanta on April 15th at Smith’s Olde Bar and then another one in Athens that we’ll be announcing soon!

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with your music releases and upcoming shows/performances?

SON AND THIEF: Our website, www.sonandthief.com or you know the typical social medias; facebook, instagram, twitter. We’re @sonandthief on all of them.

You can check out Son and Thief at the above listed website and social media sites. Also make sure to download Million Dollar Rocket from iTunes. You can also check it out first below from Soundcloud. We are looking forward to so much more from them!


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