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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: UK Based Band LZ7 Talks New Music and Touring

You may now hear them on the radio every five minutes like some of today’s biggest stars, but LZ7 is well on their way there. A UK (Manchester) based band pushing their way onto the US music scene, LZ7 is making their name, and sound, known. We got the opportunity to talk with them about their music and what they have coming up next. Check out what they had to say.


KRISTIN: Can you tell us how you came to be LZ7?

LZ7: We started officially in 2010 with our first single release. We rocked a schools tour and released a single that was getting really popular, at the end… It reached No 26 in the official UK charts which was incredible as a first go

KRISTIN: I have to know… where did the name come from?

LZ7: LZ is the represents an individual and 7 is the number for creativity so the name really means humanity is designed to be creative in some way…

KRISTIN: You are based out of Manchester. How is the music scene over there different than here in the states?

LZ7: I LOVE MANCHESTER… It’s gritty, it’s real and it’s music foundation is incredible… It’s like Seattle mixed with NYC… It rains a lot and it’s got everything for every taste…

KRISTIN: You have a brand new single coming out December 11th called “So Good”. What can you tell us about this new song?

LZ7: So Good is a love story – see the music video for a good twist on our Vevo – and it’s really a celebration of all things good in love… That special person, the first kiss right through to the big question. Hopefully it’s uplifting and brings a smile..

KRISTIN: For those who have heard it, what has the reaction been like?

LZ7: It’s been amazing. We’ve been in high schools this week and the young people have been going crazy for the song. That’s a good indicator for us…

KRISTIN: What is the difference between your sound when you first started and now? How do you feel you have grown?

LZ7: Wow… We are always learning and always trying to develop our sound. I love the new album. We went right back to basics, booked a barn in the middle of the English countryside, turned it into a studio and went at it as best we could! The sound we can up with I think is a great representation…

KRISTIN: With “So Good” coming out, is there a full-length album or EP following close behind?

LZ7: ABSOLUTELY YES… So looking forward to it being released in 2016. Hopefully you guys will like it!??

KRISTIN: You have done a lot of live performances, huge festivals, etc. Are there any plans to tour in the U.S. or back home anytime soon?

LZ7: I would LOVE to come and you in the USA. It would be a dream come true tbh! Watch this space and we’ll keep you up to date as and when!!!

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with all these projects online? Do you have instagram, twitter, or facebook?

LZ7: Oh yeah please do:

Twitter: LZ7official
Instagram: LZ7ogram

Thanks so much for the interview and I hope you like the song. Keep following and we’ll keep all our peoples up to date with all the plans.

A huge thank you to LZ7 for chatting with us. We are looking forward to more music following the release of their newest single “So Good” coming out soon. Check out more about their single, pick it up on release day, and more at their website HERE.

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