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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Up and Coming Band Emerald Portal Talks New Music

When we think of music that will change how you view all other music, or music that makes you feel things, I would definitely think of Emerald Portal. A group made up of some amazing people, we talked with them about their new single and upcoming music. Check out what they had to say before swinging over to pick up their single on iTunes.


KRISTIN: Can we start off by you telling me how the two of you came to be Emerald Portal?

EP: We first met when Brad auditioned for a narrative music video Thomas was directing for his own EP. Brad ended up getting the part, and over the course of the shoot, we both realized we had similar goals with music and decided to just have fun and make a few tracks. It ended up ballooning into a whirlwind of six months where we tracked around 15 tracks. Those 15 were pared down to the 10 that fit together into a cohesive album that became our debut LP, Beyond the Edge of Reason.

KRISTIN: Where do you draw inspiration for your music when coming up with new songs?

Brad: It stems from a few places for me. I try and read/watch as many new books/movies that I find interesting. Usually a line or a statement in one of the two will draw some form of inspiration. Catch phrases or metaphors, romanticism, overhearing dialogue in normal daily situations. Dual meanings are often intriguing. If all else fails, usually a great riff or a melody is enough to compel a jump into some subject that needs expressing at the time.

Thomas: Inspiration comes from everywhere for me, from other art whose themes become lodged into my subconscious, to just everyday conversations, or the state of society. It’s all fascinating, and we do our best to funnel these things into our writing as naturally as we can, and then as they appear, we start put our favorites at the top of the list. Writing always seems to work as a catharsis for the things on your mind, so I tend to write way more than we use just because it had to be expressed. Whether that makes for a good song or other piece is something we figure out once the core of it is out of our system.

KRISTIN: Your new single “All the Running”. When you were deciding on what to release next, what made this song stand out as the perfect new single?

EP: The main melody was something that was catching people’s ear, and the song was structured in a more or less conventional way that was explored with all kinds of different sounds, so we thought it was a good fit for a single that still spoke to our sensibilities and themes.

KRISTIN: You also have a brand-new video for this single. Who did you work with on this video and where did the idea for it come from?

EP: We worked with a new director named Roger Liew for “All the Running”. He’s a zany character who has some cool short films that he created at NYFA. We met him through a mutual friend who directed one of our other music videos. He said he’d be interested in shooting a music video sometime so we showed him all the songs we’d been considering to release on the EP and he gravitated toward “All The Running”. In one of the conversations we had with him, he mentioned throwing Brad’s son in the mix since he’d never worked with a child actor and wanted to create a father son story since he’d been missing his own dad who was back in Malaysia at the time. He was able to make that core theme of the song and put it into a relatable story. We’re really proud of how the piece turned out.

KRISTIN: This song has a lot of different sounds in it. I sense a little soft rock and even some electronica. Do you purposely bring in a lot of different genres when creating your music?

EP: We really experiment with a multitude of sounds and melodies when it comes to certain songs. Our process involves a lot of adding and subtracting sound. We don’t purposely aim for different genre, we let the song tell us what it does and didn’t need. Really depending on which project we feel the piece best fits into decides which sounds we’ll explore.

KRISTIN: With this new single and video out, what do you have planned next?

EP: We’re planning to have another single and music video to accompany it in the next couple months.

KRISTIN: Where can fans check out your new video and download the single or find more out about you online?

EP: They’re always welcome to check out our band’s YouTube channel, Emerald Portal, or even our Facebook page. The content is also all accessible from our site EmeraldPortalMusic.com and we’re always posting content on our Instagram page EmeraldPortal_.

KRISTIN: Any other projects you are working on that we should be on the lookout for?

EP: We have a few other music video projects we’ve been working on that are not related to the EP specifically, but will be released as well over the course of the next few months. Thomas also has a solo project that he’s been looking to release that explores the world from a handful of perspectives if mankind continues to have a disastrous environmental impact on Earth. While all the plans and dates are still being made for the release, the proceeds will go towards foundations dedicated to tackling climate change

Pick up All The Running on iTunes available now. Also make sure to follow them on their website listed above to stay tuned for more information on what is coming up next for them.

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