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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Up and Coming Singing Sensation Gigi Rich Talks New EP

Gigi Rich may be noticed by her fire red hair, dramatic eyes, and gorgeous smooth skin, but really what you will know her for comes after she opens her mouth and lets music flow out. Rich is a talented young woman making waves in the music scene and we think she is someone you should all look out for. Her brand new EP All In My Head is just another piece of proof on her talent. We talked with Rich about the EP, upcoming projects, and the experience of writing what you know. Check out what she had to say.

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KRISTIN: Tell me first, how you started in music? Was it something you always knew you wanted to do?

GIGI: I was obsessed with music growing up. I started taking piano and vocal lessons when I was really young, around 6 or so. I knew that I loved it, but I didn’t think of turning it into a career until I started writing when I was 12. Probably because before that I was too young to realize I could even do that! Lol. But once I figured it out, I pursued it 100% and knew that this was what I wanted.

KRISTIN: You have a debut EP out called “All In My Head”. Tell us how this EP came to fruition? Who did you collaborate with on it?

GIGI: Every song is from personal experience. I wrote mostly about love and relationships (not all of them romantic) on this EP. It took a few years to finish, and a lot of things happened within that time that I’m happy I got to write about. I collaborated with some awesome people! I wrote Same Kind Of Crazy with Stefan Skarbek and James Krausse, and then wrote with Anthony Saunders for some of the others 🙂

KRISTIN: If someone asked how you would describe this EP, what would you say?

GIGI: A true mix of pop/soul. All of the songs go well together, but they each have their own story and their own feel.

KRISTIN: Your upcoming single is Same Kind of Crazy. What made you choose this as the upcoming single? Why did it stand out to you?

GIGI: This was the last song that I wrote for my EP, so it was the best representation of how I was feeling at the time of the release. I really wanted people to hear it. I also love the production and just felt that if this is the only song of mine that anyone listened to, they would get a sense of who I am as an artist!

KRISTIN: You’ve stated that you only write what you’ve experienced. Does it take you long to write a song when inspiration hits?

GIGI: It really depends. Sometimes the words don’t come out right and I’ll have to do a ton of rewrites, other times it’ll take me a half hour to write something. Sometimes I’ll even get a song, and then get an entirely different idea within that song and start a new one. It can be a little confusing at times 🙂

KRISTIN: You went through a really great experience on NBC’s The Voice. How did that help shape you to where you are today?

GIGI: It just made me more refined. I was young when I went on the show and knew what I wanted to do but didn’t necessarily know how to get there. Now I feel like I know who I am, what my strengths and weaknesses are, and to go from there and try and keep improving everyday.

KRISTIN: Would you be doing any live shows or touring for this new EP?

GIGI: Yes! I have some shows planned in NY and LA this summer 🙂 I keep my social media updated constantly with performances!

KRISTIN: If you weren’t making music, what do you think you’d be doing?

GIGI: I don’t think I’ve actually ever thought about this! Maybe something in psychology. I love to read books on that.

KRISTIN: Where can fans keep up with you online?

GIGI: My Twitter/Instagram/Facebook is all the same, @iamgigirich

You can also check out my website! GigiRich.com

Make sure to pick up Gigi Rich’s new EP and follow her on all the above listed social media sites and her website.

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