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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Upcoming Music Sensation Lio Nicol

Lio Nicol is working hard at getting her name out there and she is doing it well with the release of her new EP 1. She worked with an incredible group of talents in the music industry, her own talented writing, and also has plans coming up for the rest of 2017. Check out everything she told us about her new music.


KRISTIN: You are young and incredibly talented. At what point did you realize that singing was it for you?

LIO: Thank you! I always knew singing was something I loved, but it wasn’t until I was in college that I realized I wanted to make songwriting and singing a career choice. At the time, I was studying biology and the switch seems really drastic to some people but it felt right to me.

KRISTIN: You just released your new EP titled 1. Who did you work with on this EP or was it 100% all you?

LIO: I worked on 1 with lots of talented people! One of my favorite parts about creating music is collaborating with other people. Wesley Switzer produced all 4 songs and I had very talented musicians such as Cole DeGenova, Adam Tressler, Tripp Beam, Elliot Schwartzman, Dylan Jones and a few more!

KRISTIN: How did you come up with the 4 songs on this EP? Did you have more that you had to pick and choose from?

LIO: I’m always writing and getting new ideas down and these were my top picks at the time as far as songs I wanted to release. I have tons of other songs but some didn’t fit into the genre and others just fell flat. I feel like you have to write so many songs to really get a few good ones and a couple great ones. Creating art isn’t particularly hard, it’s creating the right combination of whatever art you are making to hit people in the right way to make them say…wow. I still feel like I have LOTS to learn and tons of room to grow to make that happen.

KRISTIN: Do you have a favorite song off this EP?

LIO: “Take Me Away” is my favorite only because of what it’s about and how I wrote it. It came to me quickly and naturally and it’s about a woman who is ready to let go and has come to peace with it but her husband is not and she is letting him know she will be okay.

KRISTIN: How would you describe the sound in your new music and how has it changed from when you started?

LIO: Aaahhh that’s a hard question. I’m still in the mix of tweaking things to how I really want them and creating a focused sound but I’d say my new material is leaning toward a bit more a “epic groove and funky feel.”

KRISTIN: Are you planning to make any music videos or do any touring for this EP?

LIO: I’ll continue to perform in southern California for sure. As far as the music videos go I will most likely be putting thought into that stuff for my next round of music. I have some songs in the making I would really like to see some visuals to.

KRISTIN: What do you plan to do next now that the EP is out?

LIO: Next is writing, writing and more writing, recording and then pushing the new singles. I’m excited to share some of this new stuff so it’s back in the studio pretty quick here. I also am writing with other talented writers as well so plan on hearing some music sung by other artists that I’m apart of!

KRISTIN: For those who want to keep up with your music, where can we keep up with you online?

LIO: The best places are Facebook and Instagram for sure! You can also follow my YouTube channel as I post cover videos and originals every now and then.

Make sure to download Lio Nichols new EP 1 out now. Also make sure to follow her on her social media sites to stay in touch with all her upcoming work!

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