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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Upcoming Singing Sensation Pontea

When you want some pop, electronic, and R&B then you have to pick up Pontea’s new EP Unpredictable. We got to interview Pontea about her new EP, what’s up next, and where we can keep up with her online.


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KRISTIN: How did your music career start?

PONTEA: My UCLA graduation was approaching and I was faced with the decision to either go to grad school for psychology, or pursue music. I had been toying with the thought for a long time, and this was a pivotal yet almost inevitable moment. It was a deep need I constantly felt and couldn’t avoid, and I knew I would regret not taking a chance.

KRISTIN: You have a brand new EP out, Unpredictable. How has feedback been from those fans and others who have heard it?

PONTEA: My oldest fans are pleasantly surprised by the new sounds they’re hearing because they’ve seen my evolution, and this record is a culmination of my updated style. It’s where my love of pop, electronic, R&B, ambience, and house all got married, something I didn’t have before. I love hearing feedback on people’s favorites. There seems to be something for everyone.

KRISTIN: How did you decide which songs made it on the EP and which would wait?

PONTEA: When I first decided to make the EP, I had no idea how it would turn out or what songs would go on it. It was a long road of honing sounds and choosing songs that hit me the hardest and most represented this stage of my life. Meeting Sando was key in shaping the record because we had an effortless workflow and all the tracks that we made together fit perfectly with the soundscape I wanted. So I put five of those tracks together for this outing.

Ryan Benyo was one of the first producers I had the pleasure of working with when I first started out, and he produced Come Over. It has remained one of my favorites and was a sure thing to include from the start.

I wanted to incorporate upbeat dance music, which was a new development for me. Timeless, Unpredictable, and Take Me Away are representative of that. Tied Up and Lonely Passage are also special because I produced the bulk of them myself before taking them to Sando to add his magic. Those showcase my natural production flow.

KRISTIN: You also have a music video for your song “Come Over.” Who did you work with on that video?

PONTEA: Brad Wong was the director of the video and he did a brilliant job of bringing everything I wanted to life. It’s a visual window into my inner turmoil following a break up and conveys a flood of emotions. It captures my vibe as an artist and performer as well as where I’m at in my musical and visual journey.

KRISTIN: With the music video out and the new EP dropped, what are you planning next? Do you have some live shows or are you already thinking of your next EP or album?

PONTEA: I’m insanely inspired right now to produce new music. Not only do I have a bunch of written songs waiting to be produced, but I also have a hundred ideas on new concepts and styles that I want start to creating. While my mind is going crazy with ideas and manifesting those, I’m also in the midst of planning an EP tour in the northeast, then to other regions soon after!

KRISTIN: What do you think you would be doing if you were not making music?

PONTEA: I love acting and the world of film and TV so I’d be involved in some aspect of filmmaking, probably casting if not actually acting. I also love working with kids and something in that world would be cool too. Eventually I want to start an after school program for kids and adolescents to build self-esteem, learn communication and life skills through psychology, and explore the arts.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with you online? Do you have a social media account?

PONTEA: Yes! I’d love to keep in touch. My website is iampontea.com and all my social media handles are @iampontea. Thank you so much for having me! It’s been a pleasure.

Make sure to check out more from Pontea on her website listed above. Also make sure to download the new EP from iTunes now!

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