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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Vermillion Road’s Guitarist Hunter Talks New Single Gasoline

We’ve spotlighted their incredible music before and Vermillion Road is at it again. With a new single Gasoline out today, we got to talk with guitarist Hunter about the new single, even more music, their sound, and what’s next. Check it out!


KRISTIN: Before we dig in, tell us how Vermillion Road came to be?

Hunter (guitarist): I met Will (vocalist) several years ago at a band camp when I was 16 and he was 14. He actually was playing drums at the time. We started a band, and within a couple of months we began playing out at some local bars and clubs – we’ve been together ever since. The band and music has changed a lot over the years as well as the band members, but our current line-up with Logan on drums and Gill on bass is the most solid it has ever been.

KRISTIN: You had your new single “Only One” in January and now you are releasing “Gasoline” on March 29th. Tell us how you chose “Gasoline” as your next single?

Hunter (guitarist): It seemed like the natural choice because it’s been a fan favorite at our shows. We’ve been playing it live for a few months and our fans have been begging us to get it recorded and released!

KRISTIN: How would you describe your sound if someone were to ask who had never heard your music before?

Hunter (guitarist): We like to think of our sound as alternative pop textured with electronic production and rock dynamics. We strive to have huge choruses that get everyone singing along and infectious rhythms that make it hard to stand still.

KRISTIN: For those who have heard “Gasoline”, what has the feedback been like?

Hunter (guitarist): Overwhelmingly positive! We’ve had people tell us they couldn’t get the chorus out of their heads, and it’s great to hear people sing along to it at our shows.

KRISTIN: Do you all work together on picking and writing your own songs or is there a more central person for that?

Hunter (guitarist): I’ve been writing most of the music but Will also writes and we work together quite a bit. Logan and Gil help with their parts as well.

KRISTIN: With the single releasing on March 29th, what comes next? Music video? Album/EP?

Hunter (guitarist): We have a lyric video that will be released with “Gasoline”, and our EP will be released the end of May. We’re planning on following that up with a music video of another one of our singles – yet to be announced. Stay tuned to find out which one!

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with your music online?

Hunter (guitarist): You can pretty much find us everywhere music is sold and streamed online: iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify etc. Also, check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube under: “Vermillion Road”. We’d love to connect with you!

You can pick up the new single, or stream it, on any of THESE PLACES. Make sure to follow Vermillion Road on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up-to-date with all of their upcoming news.

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