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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Wild Domestic Discusses New EP Singular

Wild Domestic has a mix sound of rock, electronic, and multiple other influences and his new EP Singular shows it. An eclectic grouping of fresh new sounds makes for a fantastic conversation. So we talked with Wild Domestic about the EP, potential music videos and touring, and what the plans are for the rest of 2017. See what he had to say!


KRISTIN: Let’s start out with your background. How did you get into music?

MATT: I have been into music since I was a little kid. In my teens, I started playing in bands and about 1 ½ years ago I decided to go it alone. My life is centered around music and I will write and play no matter what the circumstances.

KRISTIN: Where did you come up with the name Wild Domestic?

MATT: I like oxymorons and the idea of mashing up the contrasting sides of me or others – regular inner peace seeking person vs. the out of the box crazy with wild ideas and persona. I feel full of those contradictions and I think that is expressed in my music.

KRISTIN: You have a brand new EP out, Singular. How was the process of piecing this EP together and deciding which songs would make the cut?

MATT: The Singular idea had been rolling around in my head for a while. I was writing it through the course of a year and when I finally took a step back to look at it, I noticed it had a cohesive story arch to it. It wasn’t really a process of piecing it together, more that the songs just made logical sense in the order they are in now. Once I got started the music flowed pretty easily, although the fine-tuning and production took a while.

KRISTIN: You’ve been described as rock, but I hear a lot of different influences. How do you think you incorporate a lot of different sounds into your music to make it unique?

MATT: I love almost all music genres so I think I absorb aspects of everything I listen to and it is reflected in what I create musically. I write based on inspiration and cannot write formula music that seems somewhat popular today.

KRISTIN: Did you work 100% on this EP by yourself or did you work with other artists and producers?

MATT: I did all the writing, arranging and played all instruments during recording. I also worked with a couple of great producer/engineers, Mike Pepe and Jason Scavone. I had worked with Mike previously and by the time I was ready to record Singular, Mike was working in LA. So, I recorded part of the EP in Charlotte, NC at Sioux Sioux Studios with Jason and then flew to LA, slept on Mike’s sofa and finished the EP at MDDN Studios. That was a big thrill for me.

KRISTIN: Why do you think listeners will love this new EP?

MATT: I hope they love it because that’s why I write and record, to share my journey in a way that connects with others. In my opinion, the EP is honest and musically interesting.

KRISTIN: Now that the EP Is out, what is your next step? Are you working on videos or touring?

MATT: I have just shot 2 videos for “Left,Right.” and “New Year, New Me” which are coming together to be cool visuals for the music. I am also in process of booking an official EP release show in my hometown, Charlotte, NC which I’ll post on my website and social media soon.

KRISTIN: Do you have plans for a full-length album or do you enjoy doing the smaller EP releases more frequently?

MATT: I would love to release a full-length, but the appeal of smaller EP’s or singles is that they don’t take too long to put together or financially impossible from a production aspect.

KRISTIN: Are you working on any other side projects we should be on the lookout for?

MATT: I am always working on new music with new approaches. My sound has a constant thread of alt rock but is continuously evolving and hopefully will remain eclectic.

KRISTIN: Where can listeners keep up with you and your work online? Social Media?

MATT: Thanks for this interview! And yes, please check me out at my website www.wilddomesticmusic.com where you can find links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

Check out Wild Domestic on the website linked above and follow him on all social media accounts. Also make sure you pick up a copy of Wild Domestics new EP Singular and stay tuned for even more from him in the future.

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