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Kim K and Nicki Minaj Attempt to Shock buuuuuut Do We Care? #Imoverit

By now you I’m sure you’ve seen the cover of Kim Khardashian for Paper Magazine and you’ve no doubt seen Nicki Minaj’s new music video. Both of which were no doubt designed to get us talking about how SHOCKED we are, saying things like “Well I never thought they’d sink that low or show that much.” But here’s the thing… I don’t care, do you? As I went through my twitter feed I saw the headlines “KIM KHARDASHIAN, BREAK THE INTERNET.” But what I saw was an over oiled, over photoshopped version of an ass that I feel like we’ve already been shocked by in the past.

And now let’s take a crack at Minaj… What is up with trying to make “SHOCKING” a music video just to farm more views? How about we make shockingly good music? Would that kill us? Here’s my thing with these pop stars trying to make these videos that tow the line between artistry and offensive, it’s just plain dumb! Eloquent I know, but it is! So I’d like to speak directly to Nicki Minaj… and Lady Gaga…. and any other singer who feels the need to take away from their actual singing by shocking us… MAKE GOOD MUSIC! Grab an instrument, learn to play it and write a song that connects with your audience, people will follow.

I think my rant is over… what do you guys thing? Tweet us your opinions!!


Photo Cred: HipHopNews

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