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NEW SINGLE RELEASE: What I Missed by Crashing Atlas

As 2017 stretches, and prepares itself to give us what it will, a new single release has dropped, and with it a first look at the regenesis of an exciting and talented group of musicians.

Crashing Atlas are Shelby Celine taking care of vocals, Doug Jokerst with additional vocals and deftly managing guitar along with Felix Nieto who also adds the synth. Chris “Blosk” Bloskey helps keep everything in sync on drums.

“What I Missed” is ready to be a pop anthem, but it has a bite that keeps you from falling into the sweetness of vocalist Shelby’s beautiful voice. The song has a hard rocking, adrenaline raising, driven beat to it, and recalls pop rock stars like Pat Benatar, or more recently Paramore. “What I Missed” is the first single, and it will tease you into wondering what is to come from them musically.

As is a common story in rock history, Crashing Atlas was born from the ashes of metal band in which Doug, Felix, and Chris first played together for things like the Warped Tour, and opening for Chris Daughtry/Mag!c. A lack of effort from another member helped the three recognize their common goals for the sound they wanted to pursue, and a more committed work ethic.

The band members’ varied talent has been fueled by early, eye-opening experiences for each of them. Chris Bloskey started in 4th grade playing flute, and after wading through a myriad of other instruments, finally settled on drums. 5-year old Doug Jokerst heard the opening riffs of Guns N Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” and he knew what he wanted to do, and single-mindedly pursued it though the following years and military enlistment. Watching basement and church shows of the likes of Rise Against the Machine, and Fall out Boy led him to a couple of bands before he landed in Crashing Atlas. Felix Nieto’s aspirations were bumped into being by his private school having get-togethers where everyone played music, without it necessarily being played well. Felix and a few of his friends decided to actually learned to play the instruments, and when their newly honed talents received positive responses, Felix took his first step on a road to adventures in music. Dalliances with a tape-recorder left Felix with a further interest in recording which he applies to every effort the band embraces. New-comer to the band Shelby Celine, who began singing at 4 years old when in response to her Godmother’s challenge to sing Wizard of Oz songs better than she had, ended up enrolled in singing lessons. When the lessons ended, her singing continued, and she was further inspired to begin song writing. By 6, she knew she wanted to be a singer, but didn’t make serious effort until at 14 she saw 100 Monkeys live, and knew she had no other choice.

Crashing Atlas’ well produced, versatile cross-genre sound is no accident. Chris Bloskey, in referring to their common purpose for the sound they want to bring to fans, said “I feel like musicians really pigeonhole themselves and reject other styles that aren’t their own. Music shouldn’t be about competing as much as it should be a community, or an inviting conversation”. Shelby Celine adds, “I’d love to inspire people with my music, like the bands I grew up with did for me.” The bands avowed end goal is to break into the mainstream pulls from other genres while retaining its own inherent freshness. “We’re not pigeonholing ourselves by one type of sound.” Chris also adds.

Their inspirations are as diverse as the members themselves are. Chris Bloskey says his heart belongs to Jazz and as he put it, “Jammier stuff”. He listed such well-known greats as Buddy Rich, Louis Armstrong, and less well known, but still greats such as Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, and Fela Kuti. Meanwhile Doug Jokerst has clearly brought a much more rock-based source with him; Stone Temple Pilots, The Doors, Seether to name a few. Felix, while a fan of bands such as Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, John Mayer, and Rascal Flatts seems to have been motivated more by the people on the other side of the board, such as mixer Taylor Larson, Dann Huff who is both a musician as well as a producer, and Chris Lord Algae for his mixing skill. Shelby’ soul seems to harken to somewhat older souls, such as Nirvana, Depeche Mode, and Sum 41, but also newer acts like 5 Seconds of Summer.

Whatever varied experiences have brought them together, their sound could make us all pleased for the experience of listening to them. You can purchase their new single, “What I Missed” on both iTunes and Amazon.com at Crashing Atlas, and follow them at Facebook.com/CrashingAtlas

Crashing Atlas can also be found via the following links

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