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Photo Credit: Ryan West

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Actress Kristen Li Talks New Powerpuff Girls Remake

Kristen Li may be looked at as young in the entertainment business but she has a lot of talent. We got to talk with her about the upcoming remake of Powerpuff Girls where she will be voicing Bubbles. Check out what she has to say about comparing this to the old show, what’s new that we can expect, and what else she has coming up for us to catch her in.


Photo Credit: Ryan West
Photo Credit: Ryan West

KRISTIN: You have a really interesting background. You haven’t always acted, but you were a competitive figure skater. What made you make the switch to acting?

KRISTEN LI: I started acting when I was 3 years old doing catalogs, modeling in ads, and commercials while being a competitive figure skating. As I grew older, acting and being a skater kept me very busy. But a couple years ago, I made a decision to just act because I became overwhelmed. Both were very competitive, but I chose acting because I loved the craft. For acting, I became a different character each time and it was challenging to use my knowledge to achieve the goal. For skating, it was more active on the physical aspect of the body.

KRISTIN: You are voicing Bubbles in the reboot of the hit show The Powerpuff Girls. Tell us how the fans of this show are going to see it like the old one, but just better.

KRISTEN LI: There are some differences between the original and the reboot. For example, they have new powers, cell phones, and new villains!!

KRISTIN: Why do you think this reboot is doing well? I know my 8-year-old is thrilled!

KRISTEN LI: That’s great! I’m happy to hear that!! The PowerPuff Girls has been such a success throughout the years but the reboot I believe, appeals to the new generation because it focuses on confidence, standing up to bullies, etc.

KRISTIN: Voice overs are way different than typical acting in front of a camera. How do you get yourself into character when there isn’t a scene in front of you to get in the zone?

KRISTEN LI: I get into the character by quickly closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and turning myself into Bubbles. It’s like “magic”. I get into the zone and I become Bubbles.

KRISTIN: When can we check out Powerpuff Girls?

KRISTEN LI: You can catch the show on Cartoon Network or go online to: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/video/powerpuff-girls/index.html?atclk_vn=nav_The-Powerpuff-Girls

KRISTIN: Where can fans keep up with you and all your projects online?

KRISTEN LI: All my handles are @JustKristenLi

There you have it. Make sure to check out the show on Cartoon Network and follow Li on her above listed social media handles. We look forward to much more from her.

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