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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Amazon’s “The Kicks” Star Monica Lacy

Amazon’s show “The Kicks” is making waves and making people laugh! Monica Lacy is starring in the show and we got to talk with her about what she thinks draws viewers to this incredible show, being part of the new way of streaming TV, and what she has coming up next! Check out what she had to say!

Monica Lacy

KRISTIN: You are going to be starring in Amazon’s new show “The Kicks”. Tell us about this show.

MONICA: “The Kicks” is a family show, and can honestly be enjoyed alongside the kiddos. It’s about a family moving from the East Coast to Southern California, where 13 year old Devin leaves a great soccer team and now must find her place at a new school on new, and terrible, soccer team. If you love soccer, as so many girls do, then the show feels almost like a great sports movie, with all the highs and lows of soccer games and personal challenges. It’s also about a group of very different girls trying to get along and form a team. I like that the show portrays a real relationship between parents and kids, the parents aren’t just there to be the butt of a joke. We are funny sometimes, and sometimes we have a piece of good advice. And then other times, we need our kids to step in and give us some advice.

KRISTIN: How does your character Sharon Burke fit into the story?

MONICA: I play perfectionistic Mom Sharon trying to hold the family together, with Dad’s new job and overlooked but tech savvy little brother Bailey. All of us are adjusting to the So Cal culture and struggle to make friends, even the perfect-apprearing Mom. I do show reveal some weaknesses, like when I am so desperate to make friends that I force my son to attend a birthday party so I can meet them.

KRISTIN: You have a great cast on this show. What has it been like on set filming together?

MONICA: It has been a dream! The cast gets along very well, especially Sixx Orange, who plays my daughter and Gabe Eggerling, who plays my son, and Tim Gleason, who plays my husband…we all instantly bonded. And, because my real life kids are the exact ages as my “TV kids”, and I also have a boy and girl….it is scarily easy to connect and “parent” these kids. Plus, my real son and my tv son are super similiar, both into technology, comic books, and avid readers. Tim and I bond over being outwitted and outmatched by the new generation of kids.

KRISTIN: It’s the new way of watching television with Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and more creating exclusive content. How do you like working on a show such as this and being part of the new way.

MONICA: This new world of streaming was unfamiliar to me at first. I admit, I had to figure out how to do it when I first book the show. Now, it’s so easy that I prefer watching this way. As a parent, I prefer streaming because it’s easier to control advertising aimed at your kids, and also I can control which content they view easily. There is almost too much TV now that I want to watch, I can’t keep up!

KRISTIN: Aside from acting you have also done stand up. How do you incorporate the two together on jobs and do you still actively work in both fields?

MONICA: I am so glad I did stand up. I don’t currently pursue it, but it was a great education for me. Learning how to create a joke from a personal point of view or experience was so helpful. Often, I would get the laugh when I wasn’t saying my “line” rather it was from my reaction to what I was saying. I learned that lots of times comedy can be minded just from my reaction to things, which is super helpful when working in sitcom work. I have huge respect for stand up comedians, as this is a terrifying job to do every day. It’s rewarding, but boy I can tell you I have never been more scared of a stage like that before. There is nowhere to hide, nobody else to rely on, no costumes or sets to hide behind.

KRISTIN: Has acting been what you’ve wanted to do the whole time growing up or have you had a mixture of different things you’ve wanted to try?

MONICA: I never planned on acting as a career. I was going to be a writer when I was growing up. I never knew an actor or actress, so it was outside my realm of possibilty. When I booked my first tv job, I was in High School and it was for “Growing Pains.” I considered it a fun, flukey, interesting experience….never dreamed it would be my career. After High School, I delayed college for a year to film my first show for Disney, Parent Trap. That’s when I started to think perhaps I could stretch this out and really work as an actress.

KRISTIN: You have a fantastic back story. You are a triplet! How do you and your siblings try to stand apart and be unique when everyone probably tries to lump you together a lot. I know being recognized for yourself as an individual is equally as important to you.

MONICA: Being an triplet, we were always stared at by people on the street, and approached by strangers our whole life. Perhaps this is why it seems completely natural now to be recognized, or to talk with fans. I do think growing up having to share a face as well as abilities and intellect made each of us try extra hard to stand out. That drive made all of us take a few more risks than perhaps we would have taken otherwise. Sure we got a ton of attention, which I didn’t hate, but also it was devastating at times. For instance, it was tough to realize that even your boyfriend can’t tell us apart, when to us we are so different on the inside. Also tough was when both of my sisters made the Homecoming Court our Senior year in High School, and I did not. I seriously thought something was wrong with me, compared to my two other sisters.

KRISTIN: You volunteer with Photo Piece. Can you tell us about that organization?

MONICA: Photo Piece is an amazing non-profit here in Los Angeles. They go to the underserved schools and provide photography classes to the kids, as well as all the equipment and professional guidance. The course culminates in an art gallery show of their work. Not only do we get to see a life through a very different perspective, these kids are empowered as they take on the new label of “photographer” and “artist” and learn to express themselves. Sometimes, we are defined by our labels, and when you have “undocumented” or “illegal” it’s not a positive thing at all. Now one of the former students is helping run Photo Piece.

KRISTIN: Aside from The Kicks, what other projects should we be on the lookout for?

MONICA: Right now I’m also the spokesperson for “AutoNation” which is the largest auto retailer in America. I will be making new commercials, radio ads, print ads for them, which is really fun. As a company, AutoNation raises and gives 100% of their charitable giving to Breast Cancer Research, which is a cause near to me. My Mom was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, so appearing in these commercials and helping generate a cure to cancer is a way I can “do” something for my Mom.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with you and your projects online?

MONICA: So glad you asked. (smiley wink face) Please check out my fan page on Facebook and my website : www.monicalacy.com I also am on Instagram (my fav. form of social media!) and twitter, both at: @monlacy. I will be posting all about behind the scenes antics, as well as when the show’s first season starts to Stream. Look for August to hear a lot from me!

You can check out Season 1 of The Kicks on Amazon and also make sure to follow Monica Lacy on her above listed social media sites!

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