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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Arrow’s Katie Cassidy Talks End of Season 4

We are only an hour away from a brand new episode of Arrow on the CW, and we have an exclusive interview with the one and only Katie Cassidy who you all know as Laurel Lance/Black Canary. And if you don’t know her as that… what have you been doing the last four years?!?!

**SPOILERS AHEAD! If you are not current on the show, please do not continue! You have been warned!**

As season 4 is wrapping up in the next month, a lot is still set to play out. Who is going to be in the grave we saw at the beginning of the season? Will we get to see more crossovers? Will Damien Dark finally come to an end? So much to know and Cassidy brings us the goods.

I got the privilege (insert fan girl squee as the opportunity arose because let’s be real… she’s amazing…) to talk with Cassidy about her role, all the drama that’s been going down every Wednesday with Arrow and the team, and if we might get some Black Canary crossovers in our future! She did not disappoint with lots of information and some hints as to what we might be expecting (possibly a box of tissues needed from the sounds of it!).


KRISTIN: I want to jump right into the heart of things. This season on Arrow has been an intense battle between Team Arrow and Damien Dark and all the other scum of the city. We only have a handful of episodes left. What can we expect coming up in the final episodes of Arrow?

KATIE: You can expect heartbreak, and loss. Some characters will be left broken, and others you’ll see strength that you never thought you would.

KRISTIN: Laurel Lance, AKA Black Canary, has had a lot of ups and downs in this season and in past seasons in general. Are we going to get to see some happy storylines in Laurel’s life this season or will we have to wait until next season?

KATIE: Tune in tonight 😉

KRISTIN: We saw Felicity break up with Oliver in the episode before the show took a break for a few weeks. Anything you can tell us about that rift and how it might affect the team as a whole?

KATIE: I think the teams biggest struggle is remaining a team. It’s kinda like a puzzle, If one piece of the puzzle is missing then the puzzle can’t be completed. Every team member plays an important part.

KRISTIN: I feel like Laurel is the voice of reason in the group lately. When everyone else typically wants to jump into a dangerous situation, she tends to be the one that pulls them back a little. Do you agree with this description?

KATIE: Yes. I think Laurel has a big heart and she keeps the team grounded. She is a smart woman and very rational. You’re right, she is the voice of reason.

KRISTIN: As your character has changed over the seasons you get to do a lot more fight scenes. Is that something you enjoy now?

KATIE: Absolutely! I love training and I love being able to kick ass. I believe in gender equality and I love that I can represent strong modern-day women.

KRISTIN: Plus the canary cry is kind of awesome!

KATIE: Thank you!


See our point!!! Badass!
See our point!!! Badass!

KRISTIN: We have seen a few crossovers and tie-ins with fellow DC shows. Are we going to get to see any further crossovers with Arrow and other current shows, maybe more Flash or DC Legends of Tomorrow? And some that involve your character?

KATIE: I do believe you will see more crossovers… But as to “how” or “what” characters are crossover as… ……….. just keep watching

KRISTIN: It’s been a few seasons now on Arrow and the cast has to be pretty tight knit. What is the camaraderie like on set? There has to be a lot of long hours filming these intense scenes.

KATIE: You can’t really explain to anyone the experience onset, you actually have to see it to understand what we’re all going through. Some days we can be on set 15 – 17 hrs. Plus then there’s training… It’s hard to say the least, however it’s well worth every minute of it! I have to give up to our crew though because they’re there a lot longer then we are, plus the weather conditions they work in can be brutal. We are very lucky and grateful to have such an amazing crew.

KRISTIN: You have played some of my personal favorite characters on shows and have such a wide scope for the types of characters you can play. You’ve done superhero/crime fighter Laurel on Arrow, rich, city girl on Gossip Girl, running for your life on Harper’s Island, to a demon on Supernatural. How do you prepare yourself for each role and jump from one from the next so seamlessly (it seems)?

KATIE: 1st off I’d just like to say thank you. I really appreciate that, it means a lot to me 😊
The way I prepare is through script analysts and back story. I create back story for a character based on script analysts, filling in as many details as possible. I also do a lot of research. For example, Laurel lance is a comic book character who is a lawyer by day and vigilante by night. Im obviously not a lawyer and certainly not a superhero(dang it!!! How cool would that be!?)Anyway, I researched the life of a lawyer and studied the comic books. I have a few good goto “bibles”. Then on the day of shooting I let it all go, I listen and stay present.

KRISTIN: If you could revisit a role you played before, which would it be and why?

KATIE: Ella Sims from melrose place. That character was so much fun.

KRISTIN: Any other final tidbits you want to share about Arrow and what you might like to see for Laurel in next season?

KATIE: Theres a huge twist and turn coming up.. things are getting bigger then ever.

KRISTIN: Do you have any other projects we can be on the lookout for to check you out in?

KATIE: The flash! 😉 Also, I run a fashion/lifestyle website with my best friend Lynsey Eaton. you should check out: TomboyKC.com. Also I’m currently writing a few projects

KRISTIN: Where do you keep in touch with your fans the most? Instagram? Twitter? Facebook?

KATIE: All 3!!! My Facebook page is more personal though.

Make sure to tune in tonight at 8 pm EST for an all new episode of Arrow on the CW. You can follow Katie Cassidy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram respectively! Also follow the show on twitter at @CW_Arrow.

If you didn’t love her before, you should absolutely love her now. I’m a huge fan and I am definitely tuning in to an all new episode here in the next hour!

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