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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: CW’s The 100 Actress Tasya Teles Talks Season 5

The 100 has been going strong on The CW for four seasons and is into season five now. We got to talk with actress Tasya Teles about her role as Echo in season five and what we might be able to expect. See what she had to say now.


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KRISTIN: You are multi-talented! Not only a great actress, but you are a business woman as well. How did you decide you wanted to do both and not just pick one?

TASYA: I am someone who is endlessly curious, and there are always a million things I’ve wanted to do in life but acting and owning a restaurant are the only ones I have had since childhood. I used to make restaurants in my backyard with lawn furniture as a kid and would force my parents to sit in the tiny furniture as I hosted them. I love the restaurant world, from food, to lighting, to music and design. At this point the restaurant is self-managing, so I can break away and spend a lot more time focusing on my acting, which will always be my first love. Acting soothes my soul. There’s something magical and organic about it that I am addicted to. I love creating stories and building characters more than anything. Acting just makes me a better person.

KRISTIN: You play Echo on CW’s The 100 that is about to start season 5. Can you tell us about your character and how she is going to grow in season 5?

TASYA: This is a difficult show to discuss without giving any spoilers, but here’s my best attempt…Echo is a spy slash assassin who’s best known for her gig as the trusted guard to the royal Azgedan family. She’s a natural born killer, and murders without hesitation or remorse, all in the name of protecting her king. So, I would say that she isn’t great with meditation, and has created a lot of enemies in her wake.

When we meet her again at the beginning of season five, there has been a six-year time jump in the show, and she’s much more mellowed out. Despite her new attempts at being a more ‘peaceful person’, there are many old problems waiting for her that she must confront. How much Echo has changed, what she must sacrifice to make amends for her past, and whether she can redeem herself at all, or lose everything, are some of the things I explore in season five.

KRISTIN: As a whole, what kind of crazy can we expect from this upcoming season?

TASYA: I would definitely say we are offering a wide variety of ‘crazy’ in season five. I mean there’s your “Underground Bunker” crazy, “Stuck in Space” crazy, or “Alone on a Planet with One Other Person” crazy. Those are new. Then there’s the ‘crazy’ that is born from new relationships, old relationships, past grudges or vendettas, motherhood, drug abuse, starvation…crazy that’s a little closer to home, one might say. We like to showcase as much crazy as we can. So…pick your poison.

KRISTIN: The cast on this show seems to get better and better every season. What’s it like working with this group of incredibly talented individuals?

TASYA: Terrible. I hate going to work every day. 😉

KRISTIN: What is it about The 100 that people love so much?

TASYA: High stakes rift with conflict makes for great TV. The writers aren’t afraid to take a lot of risks with the story, and the show always takes unexpected turns which is stressful, but exciting. This might mean killing a beloved character suddenly or shifting loyalties and pitting clans against each other in this divisive, gladiatorial world. It is ruthless, bloody, and politically dangerous for all characters on the show. It’s really easy to get sucked into the political goulash that they cook up each week.

KRISTIN: As I mentioned, you are also a business woman. You own the Vancouver hotspot The Parlour. Can you tell us about what made you decide on that venture?

TASYA: It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to open a restaurant but I didn’t know anything about designing a menu or dealing with kitchen inventory. A chef friend of mine had always been talking about opening a restaurant and we just connected at the right time. I have a finance degree, and had written countless business plans for imagined restaurants, so that’s where we started, and it just grew. I still can’t believe it happened.

KRISTIN: The Parlour is a popular place for those in Vancouver and I hear it’s going to be doubled when you open a second location in Toronto?

TASYA: It’s pretty daunting to be honest. I get anxiety about it constantly.

The first location was an empty shell where we designed and built everything ourselves (unless we had to legally contract someone). We were exhausted and broke when we opened the first location. The struggle was real.

Now we have more experience and we’re ready to play! Some of the design ideas are really wild for the Toronto location. We’re also getting more playful with the menu, and generally taking everything to the next level. We want to build on the things we’ve learned over the years, but still retain that Parlour identity we’re known for, which is to have fun with friends, and come as casual, or fancy, or freaky as you damn want. Let’s party!

KRISTIN: What other projects do you have coming up?

TASYA: I’m really excited about the launch of my website, the Unslaved, which is coming up soon! We launch June 1st, so come check us out at www.TheUnslaved.Com. It’s a solo project of mine that champions everything I love; design, food, fashion, and being amongst good people in a fun social setting, but this time it’s for a charitable cause. That’s all I’m going to say about it now but come check us out!

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with you and your projects online? Twitter/Instagram?

TASYA: @TasyaTeles, for my social handles and website address, but also please come visit me at TheUnslaved.Com and let me know what you think! I love feedback!

Make sure to tune in to new episodes of The 100 on the CW and stay up with Tasya Teles on her upcoming projects and seeing what Echo has in store for us this season.

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