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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kyan Zielinski from Amazon’s The Dangerous Book For Boys

Amazon’s road to more impressive and a wide range of original content has continued to grow. One of those shows is The Dangerous Book for Boys created by Bryan Cranston and Greg Mottola. We got the opportunity to talk with starring actor Kyan Zielinski about what fans should expect, his role, and what’s next for him. Check out what he had to say.


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KRISTIN: You are incredibly talented and, for all intents and purposes, just starting in Hollywood. What made you want to be an actor?

KYAN: Thanks so much. I’ve basically always wanted to be an actor. When I was 3 and 4 years old, I would watch movies and record them in my head, memorizing the whole movie in its entirety. The second time we would watch it, I would act it out along with the movie. Soon after, my parents recognized my love for acting and enrolled me in acting classes over the summer. I then went on to perform in musical theatre shows professionally for 4 years, and then decided to pursue the film and television side of acting as that is where my heart lies.

KRISTIN: You are starring in the new Amazon show The Dangerous Book for Boys. Tell us about this show and how your character, Liam McKenna, fits in.

KYAN: “The Dangerous Book for Boys” is about a middle-class family that loses their patriarch, a father of three, Patrick. The show is mixed with drama and comedy as well as a side of fantasies that the youngest boy Wyatt experiences. While they deal with the recent loss, Patrick’s identical twin, Terry, comes back into their lives bringing some well needed laughter into the house with quirky comedy.

Liam is the oldest of three boys in the family. He is a mature kid who is smarter than his brothers and he reminds them of this often. When dealing with the loss of their father, he soon realizes that he has to become the man of the house and feels that it is extremely important to look out for his mother and be a good role model for his brothers. He doesn’t get the chance to express these feelings much in season one, but knows that inevitably he needs to step up. I’m hoping that Liam gets the opportunity to show this side in a season two.

While Liam is the most mature of the three brothers, he does sometimes engage in some sibling rivalry. Liam is very put together and structured, but when his father passes, things begin to fall apart and it is hard for Liam to deal with.

KRISTIN: This show was created by two greats, Bryan Cranston and Greg Mottola. Were you able to meet them to see what they want from it or hear how they wanted it to play out on screen?

KYAN: I did get the chance to work with them and it was a fantastic experience. Both Bryan and Greg have such creative minds and they had very clear visions of what they wanted to get out the show. At the first table read, I got a chance to talk with them about my hair, what they wanted to do with Liam having glasses, and what we wanted from my character in the show. In addition to that, before each scene we would all have a rehearsal where we run the scene before shooting and talk it through. They were generous enough to share some of their wisdom throughout the filming. I learned so many things from both Bryan and Greg that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my career.

KRISTIN: There is a great cast on this show. How is it working with them?

KYAN: Everyone on this project was so special and played a big part in creating a second home for us. Going to work each day was a pleasure. Everyone on this show was so well cast. There is definitely a piece of ourselves in our characters, and this made working with each other really fun! We all were professional on set, but all of us in the cast got a chance to get to one another off set and we became close friends early on through the filming of the show.

KRISTIN: What about this show is going to entertain viewers? Why should they tune in?

KYAN: This show is really relatable in the sense that all families have situations that they have to deal with together. Whether a it be losing a loved one or a another crisis, the family still has to pull together and work through it. The great thing with this show is even though it has a serious undertone, there is a perfect balance between comedy and drama, with an added bonus of imagination.

KRISTIN: Any hints as to what kinds of things we will see your character and others get into in season 1?

KYAN: In season one, you see things like the making a lemonade stand and dealing with the consequences of being under insured, but in the fantasies you can watch us explore everything from the “How to Build a Tree House” to “How to Talk to Girls”.

KRISTIN: What else are you working on? Do you have other upcoming projects?

KYAN: I have a couple films in the works called They Reach and Small Things.

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with your work? Do you have a social media presence?

KYAN: I do. I have a Twitter account (@KyanZielinski), an Instagram (@kyanzielinski), a website (kyanzielinski.com), and a YouTube channel (Kyan Zielinski Vlogs).

Make sure to catch Kyan on Amazon’s new show The Dangerous Book for Boys where he plays Liam. Also stay tuned for more from Kyan on his upcoming films and more. You can follow him on his above listed social media sites!

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