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Photo Credit: Randi Lamey

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Liam Carroll Talks TBS’ ‘The Detour’

TBS is making it’s way into more funny springtime television with their brand new show ‘The Detour’. Think the Griswolds comes to television. Hilarity on the road from minute one. We got to talk with Liam Carrol, who plays Jared. He tells us all the goods of what to expect from the Parker family as they road trip across the country. Check out what he had to say!


Photo Credit: Randi Lamey
Photo Credit: Randi Lamey

KRISTIN: You are so young and just starting out in Hollywood and yet you are already showing us you are incredibly talented. What makes you want to be an actor?

LIAM: Honestly, I never really wanted to be an actor but it just kind of happened. It turns out I like it. I like the fact that I get to be anyone I want. I get to be silly and do goofy stuff, maybe even drive a car into a ditch or go to a strip club! The scripts are so funny and then I get to act them out, it’s awesome. Oh, and free food.

KRISTIN: You are going to be starring in TBS’s new show The Detour starting in April. Tell us about this show and your character.

LIAM: The Parker’s are on a family road trip from Syracuse to Fort Lauderdale. This whole season is based on only about 5 days, but a lot of crazy stuff happens! I play Jared. He’s an 11-year old kid who, let’s just say, is not the sharpest tool in the shed. His twin sister Delilah is very smart and it makes for some pretty funny scenes.

KRISTIN: The cast on this show is incredible with a lot of great talent and history behind each character. How was it for you working with all these experienced actors and what did you learn from them?

LIAM: Since this was my first major role, I learned everything from them. They taught me how to relax and just be the character I was picked for. They taught me that if I couldn’t do it, they wouldn’t have picked me. It helped me not to be nervous so it all kind of worked out.


Photo Credit: TBS
Photo Credit: TBS

KRISTIN: On comedy shows there has to be a lot of takes because you crack up laughing at each other while filming. Do you find yourself laughing when you are supposed to be keeping a straight face?

LIAM: Often times I have to keep in the laughter. You will notice in many scenes I am ready to crack up but hold it in. Jason is so funny and changes his lines to keep it funny, and sometimes I get caught off guard. I guess that’s what makes it so fun to do this show.

KRISTIN: What was your favorite thing about working on this show so far?

LIAM: Meeting all the really cool people on set. Everyone was so good to me including directors, producers, ADs, sound crew, lighting crew and of course all of the hair and make up ladies. I especially like all the actors that would come in for just one show. They all were so funny and talented. It made the experience even more memorable.

KRISTIN: When does The Detour kick off on TBS?

LIAM: April 11th. 9pm/8pm central


Photo Credit: TBS
Photo Credit: TBS
KRISTIN: Being so new in the entertainment industry, what kinds of roles are you looking forward to playing in your future?

LIAM: I would love to be the funny kid in a comedy action movie. Like RIDE ALONG or SPY or something like that. I would love to do stunts and continue doing comedy. Maybe get shot or something?

KRISTIN: Do you currently have any other projects we can know about that we should be on the lookout for?

LIAM: Well I have a science project due on Friday that’s supposed to help me understand the laws of physics. I don’t have anything that I am working on currently so does anyone have any work for me? Just kidding, I have a few projects in the mix but stay tuned.

KRISTIN: Where can fans keep up with what projects you have coming out online?

LIAM: Twitter is @theliamcarroll
Instagram is officalliamcarroll
Facebook is @liamcarroll

Tune in Mondays at 9 pm EST on TBS for all new episodes of The Detour starring Liam Carroll! Make sure to follow him on his above listed social media sites to stay in tune with everything he has going on!

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