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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Model and ‘The Face’ Runner-Up Afiya Bennett

You’ve seen her face. You’ve seen her strutting her stuff. Now we get to see a whole new side of model Afiya Bennett. From The Face runner-up to up and coming beauty blogger and Fiji Brand Ambassador, we got to talk with Afiya Bennett about all of her ongoing projects and what else she may have up her sleeve. Here is all the dirty details she spilled!


KRISTIN: Can you start off by telling us how you got into modeling? It is not an easy field to break into.

AFIYA: I think that anything worth having is hard to attain, the same goes with breaking into the modeling industry. One of my earliest memories was being told that there was “no niche” for models of my complexion in the fashion industry. Now Supermodels such as Joan Smalls, Jorduan Dunn and Jasmine Tookes stand as some of the top models in the industry and as my daily inspiration. After being told that I should be a model since the age of 14, my big break came shortly after my time on the show The Face when I signed to Marilyn Agency in New York City.

KRISTIN: You were recently the runner up on the hit TV series The Face with Naomi Campbell. What was that whole experience like for you on that show?

AFIYA: Being on the show was definitely an experience I will never forget. I got to work along side and learn from some of the biggest names in the fashion industry including Naomi Campbell, Lydia Hearst and Anne V. I definitely think the show gave me a platform as well as allowed me to build relationships beyond the show.

KRISTIN: What was the hardest thing about competing on that show?

AFIYA: The hardest thing about competing on the show was being away from my family and having every second of your day recorded. However, seeing yourself on television definitely shows you areas that you need to improve. This includes in your profession, how you deal with others, and in your everyday actions such as the way you speak or even dress.

KRISTIN: From that, I hear you have become the new female face of Fiji Water. How did that opportunity arise?

AFIYA: Being a Fiji Brand Ambassador came along with the growth of my blog. I created a blog to further develop my brand, to be an aspiration to others and to give my self a platform for sharing modeling tips as well as keeping up with my everyday life. As that developed I started working brands whose values aligned with mine. Fiji happened to be one of those and soon that relationship blossomed into me being a representative of their company.

KRISTIN: Will we be seeing you in print, tv ads, or other places? All of the above?

AFIYA: I have done some pretty cool ads this year including my recent work for Rihanna’s Beauty line, Fenty Beauty which is now up on her site. I am also constantly working with Nike on some of there upcoming projects, so you will also be seeing me in that as well. Not to mention my Rue 21 campaign, Reebok/Six 02 Campaign, and Glamour Magazine work just to name a few.

KRISTIN: On top of modeling, you also share your knowledge of all things beauty with your beauty blog. What content can we find on afiyabennetblog.com?

AFIYA: I Love my blog beyond words. I remember being that 15 year old little reaching out for advice on breaking into the modeling industry or even just seeking a public figure to align my self with that made me think “if she can do it, so can I”. My blog and my brand is simply about doing just that. Giving another little with a Dream a positive role model to follow. On my blog you can find modeling tips, my charity work, recent ads or publications that I have come out in and tips of achieving a healthy lifestyle as a model.

KRISTIN: How often do you post blogs and information?

AFIYA: I post on blog at least 2 or 3 times a month.

KRISTIN: Do you have any other projects you are working on that we can talk about?

AFIYA: None that I can speak on at the moment but I will definitely keep you guys updated as they are released.

KRISTIN: Where can I keep up with you, aside from your blog, online? Social media?

AFIYA: Please feel free to follow me on all social media platforms @afiyabennett and of course on my blog at www.afiyabennettblog.com .

How incredible is she? Make sure to follow Afiya Bennett on all her social media accounts and her website to stay up to date with all her beauty blog happenings and the newest trends! We look forward to seeing her on our TV’s, ads, and more in the future.

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