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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Netflix Star Leila Jolene Talks New Show Seven and Me

Young, talented and funny. Those are the words that describe Leila Jolene. Don’t let the young part confuse you. Big talent tends to come in small packages in Hollywood. Leila Jolene is one of those big talents. Her young age speaks nothing for her insane talent and drive for her craft. Jolene is currently starring in the new Netflix show Seven and Me, a we got the goods on the show and what to expect from her next. Check it out.


KRISTIN: You are young, but definitely talented with an impressive start to your resume. How did you know you wanted to act?

LEILA: As a homeschooler, even at a very young age, I was always exposed to Broadway plays, ballets and the opera. Not only did this give me an appreciation for the arts, but it instilled a passion to be a part of something that I loved so very much. It only took one small commercial when I was three, to know that this is what I want to do.

KRISTIN: You are starring in Netflix’ “Seven and Me”. Can you tell us a little about the show and your character Snow?

LEILA: The show is about a modern day Snow White whose ancestor is the original fairytale princess Snow White. One day she discovers the stories of her family’s past are true, when seven giant trunks, carrying the dwarfs, appear at her house, and change her life forever. But even before the dwarfs arrive she is kindhearted, joyful and never gives up!! Snow is super creative and amazing at baking… well she is working on it, but her main quality is her ability to help everyone and always be there in times of need.

KRISTIN: This show is interesting because it’s both real people and animated characters. How do you work with that on set when filming and having to talk to characters who are not there?

LEILA: Working with characters like the dwarfs is actually easier than it seems, because I am able to use my imagination when I’m working and it is the best thing ever!! The only problem that I have encountered is when all seven dwarfs are moving around in a room during the scene and I have to remember where all of them are and where they are going. It’s crazy!!!


KRISTIN: What do you think it is about this show that families and kids will enjoy?

LEILA: The adventures that the dwarfs and I go on are some of the wildest and most exciting that an 11 year old girl could ever experience. I think its cool to imagine as your watching it, what if that was actually my real life and how amazing would that be.

KRISTIN: What is your favorite part of this project and playing Snow?

LEILA: My favorite part about playing Snow is that her personality is actually similar to mine. We both are very outgoing and joyful and I think its safe to say we both love baking and were not exactly the best at it. It’s pretty hilarious to see how much we are alike.

KRISTIN: Season one is out. Any word on season 2?

LEILA: I actually just returned from Paris last month for the filming of Season 2 . It is scheduled to be released in France October 2018. I’m not exactly sure when it’s going to be released in the USA, but there definitely are some very exciting episodes in the near future!!

KRISTIN: When you started acting you worked your way up and you’ve even studied with voice training and acting classes and want to attend UCLA. Why do you think it’s important to get a continued education for acting?

LEILA: Just like anything else, it is extremely important to practice and continue to learn new skills. It is the only way to perfect your craft and keep your skills sharp. I want to attend UCLA, not just for acting, but also to learn how to produce and direct.

KRISTIN: You have done many projects. Are there any others coming up that we could keep our eye out for?

LEILA: Currently I have a few small projects lined up that I’m not able to leak any details. I’ll keep everyone updated on Instagram 🙂

Check out Seven and Me on Netflix and let us know what you think. It is the perfect show the entire family can enjoy! Also stay tuned for more from Leila Jolene. She has just gotten started.

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