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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Rudy Martinez Talks NBC’s “Heartbeat”

NBC’s Heartbeat has gripped the viewers in what I would call a funny, yet dramatic story of a surgeon who is passionate about what she does but also very passionate about her mixed family. We have met many great characters throughout season one. Marty, fresh out of medical school and sidekick to to Dr. Alex Panttiere, is played by Rudy Martinez. We got to talk with Rudy about his role on the show, what filming has been like with this incredible cast, and more little tidbits about what to expect from the final episodes.


Photo Credit: David Muller
Photo Credit: David Muller

KRISTIN: Let’s start out with you telling us first how you got started in acting. Has it always been something you wanted to do?

RUDY: I’ve pretty much always wanted to be an actor as far back as I can remember. I think it was in second grade when we were supposed to perform these short fairy tale plays and I thought “This is my big chance!” but it got canceled and I was really bummed! I didn’t get the chance to act on stage again until high school. I played Michael in our school’s production of Peter Pan and the excitement of being on stage really got me hooked.

KRISTIN: You currently play Marty on NBC’s “Heartbeat”. What has it been like working with this incredible cast and crew?

RUDY: Well, first of all I don’t think I could have asked for a more incredible cast and crew. I remember on my very last day of filming there were just so many hugs all around. To me that showed that everyone, the cast and crew, had just become one big family. I’ve worked on other shows where people come and go and you don’t really develop a rapport with the people you’re working with, but it was the opposite on Heartbeat. I got to see a little bit of how everything worked – the writing process, directing, special effects, cinematography, all of it. I think that comes from recognizing the hard work that everyone puts into a show.

KRISTIN: Tell us about your role on this show and where you fall into the story.

RUDY: I play Marty, he’s the intern and sidekick to Dr. Alex Panttiere. On the show, there is a major love triangle developing between Alex and the men in her life, but she still has to anchor things down at the hospital, and that’s where Marty comes in. She gives him orders and he has to follow her around, doing his best to keep up. There’s a lot of opportunity to play the comedy in that which I love. There’s just this real earnest quality about Marty that I like. He’s still learning how to become a doctor, so even if he slips up sometimes, he’s always going to give it his best shot.

KRISTIN: It’s been so fun watching you be Panttiere’s sidekick on ‘Heartbeat’ because she is always doing something crazy, which usually means you get dragged around with. Are we going to get to see more from him in these last few episodes before the finale?

RUDY: Yes! You will see more Marty in the last few episodes. Dr. Panttiere gives him some pretty important stuff to do so he really gets a chance to prove his worth. I really love how the writers developed his character in that way. He starts out in the series struggling to keep up, but by the end he’s actually helping out with some life saving procedures.

KRISTIN: The show is great. It mixes comedy with medical drama and the wacky ways of Dr. Panttiere that we get to watch play out with her family as well. What do you think it is exactly about Heartbeat that the viewers love so much?

RUDY: I think what the viewers really like is that it’s not just a standard medical procedural. In a real hospital, it’s not just all drama all the time. There are laughs too. Doctors have compassion for their patients and real connections are made. It’s the relationships that Heartbeat keys in on that make this show unique. I also think the viewers love tweeting us! Every week we do a live-tweet with the episode and I think the viewers love connecting with us in that way, and if they tweet about something that happens in the episode, we’ll tweet back!

KRISTIN: Stepping aside from Heartbeat real quick, you have a lot of experience in different aspects of performing. You have done acting, directing, puppetry, and more. Is there an area of performing aside from regular tv and movie acting that you want to work more in as your career progresses? Maybe theater?

RUDY: Absolutely! I would really love to do more theater in the future. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some really fantastic theater companies. The last play I worked on was with East West Players, and I really love them because they are committed to diversity in theater. In fact, that’s a personal mission of mine too – to seek artistic projects that really showcase the richness of the diversity in America today, and to help support projects like that too.

KRISTIN: Do you have any other projects coming up or has Heartbeat been your primary focus recently?

RUDY: I have some projects coming up that I’m really looking forward to. I’m also looking forward to spending more time writing. I like to write plays and I have this play that I’ve been working on. I’m almost finished so I hope to have a staged reading soon, and maybe even get it on it’s feet for a full production!

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with what you having coming up in the near future?

RUDY: I try to keep my website updated ( www.rudymartinez.net ) but you can always find out what I’m up to via twitter and instagram. My username is @rudymartinezla. You can always find out what shenanigans I’m up to there!

Tune in each Wednesday at 8 pm ET for all new episodes of Heartbeat leading up to the finale on May 25th. You can follow Rudy Martinez on all of his above listed sites and social media accounts to stay updated with his projects. We look forward to much more from him in the near future.

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