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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Studio Actress Nicole Sousa Spills About the Show, Upcoming Projects, and Dream Roles

Nicole Sousa is pretty incredible. An all around funny and lovable person, we talked with Sousa about her comedic sitcom The Studio, working on that film, upcoming projects, and what she would just die to play in Hollywood. We got the dirt and now it’s yours. Check out what she had to tell us about her show and more.


KRISTIN: You have an awesome back story. Tell us how you came to Hollywood and got into acting?

NICOLE: Thank you. Yes, so the shortened down version is, I was born in Luanda, raised in London, then moved to New York for college. Once I finished college I took the leap of faith and came out to LA. I was bit with the acting bug really early on, it was all the after school clubs my parents would put me in, because I was way too much of a hyperactive kid. From then I went on to do a bunch of school plays, I actually wanted to study it in school but my parents said that I had to get a degree first before I do anything else. So I moved to New York to major in Economics (I know right, so related to acting) and once I graduated I enrolled at the Stella Adler Acting conservatory in New York where I was able to truly do what I love. From there I started auditioning, going to open calls, even producing my own projects. Then I felt ready to take the gamble and just come on out here, which has been a whole new adventure.

KRISTIN: I’ve been told you are a huge “nerd”, in the really awesome, good sense. What kind of things do you like? Reading, tv, comics, etc?

NICOLE: Haha I think that’s the only kind of nerd there is really, the really awesome one! I am completely and utterly obsessed with anything William Shakespeare. I’ve read all 37 plays and every sonnet, all 154 of them. For my 13th Birthday I asked my parents to take me to his home town of Straford Upon Avon, there was all these cool museums and I got this amazing Shakespeare pen that I would never let anyone use. It was amazing. His writing is this transcendent, timeless creation, any experience you go through, he’s already written about. Also growing up I was really into Greek mythology, I think the stories of the Greek Gods is so interesting, I would watch Xena and Hercules religiously, in fact me and my sisters would play Xena all the time, I still have a bruise on my leg from our biggest battle yet. Lastly I LOVE marvel comics, what kid did not pretend to be a superhero and fight their siblings? There was something so special to me about these people that were born with these special abilities, shunned by society for being different but then they found this confidence and celebrated being different, because that made you special in a good way.

KRISTIN: You star in the sitcom The Studio. Can you tell us about that and how your character fits in?

NICOLE: Oh the Studio is so so so fun!! It’s about two young girls who could not be more different, who accidentally end up having to share a studio apartment in LA. My character Yara is career driven and focused, she was recruited in Angola to come work at a failing social media company here in LA. She jumps at the opportunity because while everyone back home is adhering to tradition, getting married and having children. She wants to build a career for herself. She ends up having to then share her space with Mary-Joanne this quirky ukulele news reporter from Minnesota. The culture clash is absolutely hilarious and it was so much fun to shoot. Can’t wait for you to see it.

KRISTIN: Why do you think viewers will love The Studio?

NICOLE: I think it is so relatable for everyone. Everyone has a friend like one of these characters, or even the experiences they have along the way. It’s got that kind of “Oh that happens to me all the time” kind of vibe to it. The characters are so human, flaws and all and that’s what’s great about it. Plus it is really funny, who doesn’t like a good chuckle.

KRISTIN: Your resume as an actress seems to be growing nicely. What kinds of projects do you want to see yourself doing in the next few years? Do you enjoy doing TV acting or movie acting more or a bit of both?

NICOLE: I hope to be able to keep telling great stories, stories that don’t always get to be heard, by people who don’t always have a voice. I love theatre tremendously and am always ready to take on a new or old play! I also love classical pieces aside from Shakespeare, I really enjoy Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde books, to work on film or TV adaptations of classical works would be a dream. Then there’s action movies, I hope to be a part of the marvel cinematic universe someday. I honestly am passionate about the art form as a whole and telling stories, whether it is film, TV or theatre!

KRISTIN: What would your dream role be?

NICOLE: Dream role, ok I have two! The first would be to play a strong female superhero and the second would be to play Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, I mean in her own right she is kind of a superhero anyway!

KRISTIN: If you weren’t acting, what do you think you would be doing?

NICOLE: If I was not acting I would probably be a lawyer or be working with the UN. The activist inside me would need another outlet, another form of making a difference.

KRISTIN: Do you have any other projects coming up that we can be on the lookout for?

NICOLE: Yes, I have a few projects in the works which I will be able to give more information on very soon! Just keep up to date with my social media to stay in the loop!

KRISTIN: Having experience, what advice would you give to someone wanting to break into the world of acting out in Hollywood?

NICOLE: Don’t get discouraged, it happens to everyone, keep going. Everyone has a bad audition, everyone gets rejected at some point. Don’t lose sight of why you are doing this, the love you have for it and you will make it. Whatever making it means to you!

KRISTIN: Where can we keep up with you online? Social media?

NICOLE: Social media works — Instagram: nsousa1 twitter: @yaisanicole and facebook page: ArtistNicoleSousa

Make sure you check out The Studio starring Nicole Sousa. Also make sure to follow Nicole on all her above listed social media pages. That way you will be the first to know of all her new projects and ways to see what she is up to!

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